My Kingston favourites

This used to be the site of my Kingston Favourites page. To make it on my favourite list, I must have eaten there in the last year and enjoyed it.

Since moving from Kingston obviously precludes me from being able to regularly comment on the quality of my former favourite places to eat, I will simply link to my last post about Kingston: The 10 best things I’ve ever eaten in Kingston. Enjoy!

18 Responses to “My Kingston favourites”

  1. Love your blog Russ! You should review the Sleepless Goat lunch/dinner/dessert menu!

  2. Great picks, totally agree with Iron Duke and Aqua Terra. I’ll give a nod to Chien Noir and Sleepless goat for breakfast.

    • Iron Duke is awesome. Cleanest pub in Kingston in my opinion. Sleepless Goat has some interesting desserts but I find their breakfast can be a bit oily sometimes. Good flavours though! I also really enjoy seeing that blond lady outside of the Sleepless Goat who heckles everyone as they walk by.

  3. Thanks for the intro to Kingston food. Urban Spoon for Kingston is weak, and I just moved here from Victoria BC – needed a sushi fix tonight.

    • Let me know what you liked and didn’t like! I am always excited to hear second opinions on some of the places I recommend.

  4. A co-worker’s husband helped design one of the several new restaurants downtown, Harper’s. You should definitely give it a review!

    • Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been several times but just haven’t gotten around to writing anything!

  5. You’ve been to Sima Sushi 9 times in the past 5 months? If we could do that, I think Lucy and Jimmy would eat there every other day for 5 months. lol All they talk about is Sima Sushi. They even got my younger brother, Andrew, hooked. Something about butter fish sashimi. I’ve never been, but don’t think that I never will. =]

    The poor restaurants in Kingston. If they had disappointed you in the past, there’s no way to make the list. Isn’t that a bit harsh? =P How about a list of “My Kingston Favourites – Runner Ups/Honourable Mentions”

    • Haha, thanks for the comment Christine. Though I am quick to make an opinion, I am quick to revisit a place. There are few places that I won’t try again! My list is not super expansive… which is why it is the “Favourites” list. I could quote my top 100 movies of all time… but it wouldn’t really be a favourites list… would it? :p

  6. You buy into Coffeeco’s “support the environment” rhetoric? Selling coffee in disposable cups at a location in a giant parking lot is not “supporting the environment”.

    • Diego, you are so full of cynicism! If you open your heart, maybe the sun will shine on you! I believe in Coffeeco. Not because I have to. But because I choose to.

  7. Hey, just came across your blog when looking for ice cream places in Kingston. GREAT reviews that are always complimented with great pictures. I’m definitely looking forward to trying some of the places in Kingston but I do have to make a suggestion to you. I noticed that you haven’t made a review on any Thai/Cambodian restaurants in Kingston. If you’ve tried but didn’t review it then im sure you just didn’t like it. However, if you haven’t please try out Cambodiana and Cambodia village (both owned by the same guy) and more importantly, Wok-In (arguably the best Pad Thai in town). Thanks again for the great blog!

    • I did review a Cambodian place! It made it into my top 10 list! Royal Angkor! I’ve tried many Cambo places (cambodiana, cambodian village, pat’s restaurant, phnom penh) and to be honest, I find the only good food is at Royal Angkor, hence I haven’t really written about any of the other places. If you haven’t seen Royal Angkor, you gotta check it out!

  8. Nice reviews, many thanks going to take my wife and parents (who live in Kingston) to Aqua Terra tonight.
    Thinking of making the move our selves from cowtown to the east Toronto area, how did you fair on your move ?

    • We survived! Highly recommend using Hansen’s for your car move (about 1200 from Calgary to Scarborough) and AMJ Van Lines for the move. Both went very smoothly. I got my car in 2 weeks and my stuff in 1 week.

  9. Have you tried Bella Bistro? West end-collins bay rd/bath rd? Sorry, didnt read everything to find out…Also, Tommy’s on Princess Street, curious what you think of it.

  10. Prime Rib, Best Western, Princess St.
    Never had any better!

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