My Calgary favourites

To make it on my favourite list, I must have eaten there in the last year and enjoyed it. Furthermore, I must have eaten there at least 3 times in my lifetime and must have never been disappointed.

My current Calgary favourites:

Brunch– Dairy Lane – I love the DLB burger here. You can get it any time of day. I had mine at 9:30am. Be warned: the line-up is long, even if it it is freezing outside. (319 19 St. NW, Calgary, (403) 283-2497). Read my review here.

Sushi– Wa’s Sushi – This place is all about consistency. I’ve only had 1 bad meal here and it was purely because the sushi rice was soggy. Every other time it has been amazing. It is my must-go place in Calgary when I visit. Wa’s, 2-1721 Centre St. NW, Calgary, (403) 277-2077, no website. Read my review here.

Upscale– River Cafe – Oh so very tasty. Sometimes hit and miss. I’ve had some pretty boring meals there that cost me a fortune. But then I’ve had some absolutely fantastic meals. Overall, it is a pretty good place to eat and a must-see when you dine in Calgary. 200 Barclay Parade South West, Calgary, AB, (403) 261-7670. See my review here.

Some of my old favourites (old because I haven’t been in a while) include:

Indian– Mirchi – Very cheap, open late, tastes great. I am always stuffed when I eat there. The naan is dirt cheap ($1.50) and gigantic. There isn’t much room to eat in but you can definitely take out. Dinner for 4 people will cost about $40. The staff is always happy to help you navigate their gigantic overhead menu. (101-825 12 Avenue SW, Calgary, (403) 244-5683)

Wings– Tipperary’s Irish Pub – They make 2 unique wings that I absolutely adore: Apple BBQ and Jack Daniel’s BBQ. Apple BBQ is sweet and has some great zing. Jack Daniel’s has a very peculiar flavour. I am still learning how to describe it. Wing night is Wednesday ($0.25 per wing) and there is no drink limit (like at the Reagle Beagle). (2002 – 16th Ave. NW, Calgary, (403) 289-5566,

Chinese– Golden Inn – A seedy looking exterior but a reasonable looking interior. The food is made hot, served hot, and the flavours really stand out. The best chinese, easily, in the city. Lots of Chinese people as well as non-Chinese individuals eat here so you’ll feel comfortable regardless. (107A 2 Avenue SE, Calgary, (403) 269-2211)

Sushi (modern) – Misato – This Korean run sushi place is way out in West Hills but is absolutely amazing in fish quality and inventiveness. What a find! It reminds me of what Towa was like before it changed hands. (420-1851 Sirocco Dr SW, Calgary, (403) 217-3000). Read my review here.

Pizza– Vogglio’s D’Pizza – Pizza with a South American twist. Get the Mexicana. You will not be disappointed. It features avocado, bean paste, tomatoes, bits of nachos, tomatoes, lettuce, seasoned ground beef. Essentially nachos on pizza. They also make a whole bunch of other really unique creations. The cook is always damn proud of his work too and will present his masterpiece to you when you pick it up. He takes his pizzas to the “decorating room” after the coming out of the oven. Recommend against getting delivery as it is a bit sketch. (1514 – 14st. SW, Calgary, (403) 228-1228 )

6 Responses to “My Calgary favourites”

  1. I just found your site, and I’m loving it! Keep up the reviews, you’re doing an awesome job! Great work on the photos as well, I can’t wait to try some of these places!

  2. the next time you’re in calgary, you should try el’s japanese fusion — they have over a hundred rolls i believe, and it’s delish! =)

  3. Love your site and plan to try Dairy Lane. It sounds like we have the same taste in food!

  4. Excellent blog! You should swing by my hometown Waterloo and hit up some of our restaurants. This one place called the Golden Mango is the most exquisite Vietnamese flavour you will ever taste!


  5. Hi,

    Just wanted to let you know that I love your site.

    I hope you don’t mind that I’ve put a link to it from my site at:

    If there’s anything that you don’t agree with, please let me know and I will have it changed.


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