Tipperary’s Pub (Calgary) – So many wing flavours!

I love wings. They are my favourite food. I’ve searched and searched for the best wing place in Calgary… and all pubs have come up short except for 2: Tipperary’s and Reagle Beagle. The Reagle Beagle has really huge, juicy, nicely fried wings but they are expensive. And you have to drink a lot to get a lot of wings. 1 drink = 10 wings at a cost of $0.35. Not a great deal.

Tipperary’s, on the other hand, is an awesome deal. My friend frequently goes (not by himself of course) and just gets a water. Kind of a mean thing to do. And the wings are $0.25. And there is no obligation to buy drinks. Yup. I’ve had 1 beer, 1 coke, and 30 wings before. Makes for a cheap night!

As you can see, there are a ton of flavours.

This is our first round. I can’t remember all the flavours.

Tipperary’s wings themselves aren’t anything special. They are deep fried and then tossed in a sauce. The chicken can be a bit dry and tough. Sometimes the wings are a bit on the cool side. But their sauces are quite nice. This is the honey hot sauce. A nice sweet and spicy mixture that makes your mouth water. My other favourites are Apple BBQ and Jack Daniels BBQ.

They also have a dry rub which isn’t quite as good. I’d avoid all of their wings which are dry because they just aren’t as tasty. In the end, it just tastes like fried chicken with a bit of salt rub on it.

Overall, I love the wings at Tipperary’s. They aren’t the best in the city but there is a lot of variety and the price is right.

Tipperary’s Pub, 2002 16 Avenue NW, Calgary, (403) 289-5566, www.tipperaryspub.com
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~ by Russ on April 13, 2012.

One Response to “Tipperary’s Pub (Calgary) – So many wing flavours!”

  1. this is not a reply specifically to this post. i literally just discovered your blog and agree with your assessments of Kingston eateries that i can confirm and curious about the ones i cant! I am writing this to point you in the direction of an Ottawa establishment called “SUWU” that i am very curious about!! Hopefully i’ll soon see a review:) thanks!! p.s Tommy’s in kingston is delicious. just a heads up:)

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