Rocky’s Burger Bus (Calgary) – A massive burger but the poutine was the star

I’ve tried to hit Rocky’s Burger Bus since I’ve been back in Calgary but it has been pretty hard since they are only open Monday-Friday 10am-3pm. Now that J and I are both on shift work schedules, we finally made it one cool January afternoon.

It is based out of an old transit bus in the southeast which is pretty cool. There are some picnic tables laid out, some benches, and in the summer, I can see how it would be quite a nice place to frequent. They are open year round fortunately so you can get your burger fix even in the cold.

Snow. Picnic tables. Cranes. And a dumpster.

Here you can see them grilling the burgers fresh. Look how massive they are. My god. It is like a massive meat pancake.

This is the regular hamburger. I chose not to adorn it with anything.

The burger was surprisingly lean. D says that you can tell how lean the burger is based upon the way it rises/flattens after grilling. This one rose and became thicker as it was grilled. The bun was pretty plain but solid enough to hold this massive burger. Unfortunately, I thought the simple burger was a bit underseasoned. It was cooked completely through so ultimately was a little dry. I was a little underwhelmed with the amount of beef flavour. It really needed ketchup, which says something about a burger.

This is the poutine. While I was disappointed in the burger, this poutine more than made up for it. I think it is the best I’ve had in the city. I’ve never had such squeaky cheese curds, even in Montreal. And the gravy was delicious. Nicely cut fries that were freshly fried. This was such a good poutine.

Overall, Rocky’s Burger Bus wasn’t great with regards to burgers but I was in love with their poutine. Too bad they are only open during day time hours. If they decided to expand their business and open a stand on 17th Ave open 10pm-3am… I would be there every night.

Rocky’s Burger Bus, 4645 – 12 Street SE, Calgary, (403) 243-0405, no website.
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~ by Russ on February 11, 2012.

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