Una Pizzeria (Calgary) – A good replacement for the Wicked Wedge

I used to frequent the Wicked Wedge with J when we were platonic friends and then when we started going out in university. The pizza was always dry, the toppings a bit burnt, and the cheese lacking. But it was still our place! Every year, J and I make a pilgramage to the Wicked Wedge but this year, I was sad to hear that it had been replaced with another pizza place, Una Pizzeria. It was no longer a take out place and even more horridly… it didn’t take reservations.

This is the walnut stuffed persian dates, wrapped with prosciutto and baked for $2 each. These were so delicious. The crispy prosciutto was intensely salty but cut with the honey sweetness of the dates and the richness of the walnut. Mmmmm. It was hard to eat only one.

This was the truffle baked provolone piccante cheese, served with crostini for $8. Simple flavours, rich and tasty. I appreciated that it didn’t get overwhelming truffle-y, which is what I find happens with a lot of food featuring truffles these days.

This is the side of sauteed broccolini, garlic, calabrian chili oil for $8. Soooo tasty, though a touch oily. I loved the bitterness and the crunchiness of the broccolini but the gentle heat of the chili. I could’ve eaten this side as my main.

This is the pan roasted quail marinated in chili, smoked paprika and fennel pollen served with orange and spinach insalata for $12. A great price for this dish. The rub was delicious with the skin being especially flavourful and crispy. The meat was nicely gamey. The orange and spinach were nice fillers. Quail can be a tiny but this dish was reasonably priced!

Last but not least, we had the salami (san marzano tomato sauce, fior di latte mozzarella, salami, chilies and grana padano) for $17. The toppings were so tasty. The salami made my mouth water and the chilies definitely fired up my taste buds. The cheese was used pretty sparingly but I think that is appropriate for this pizza. It was nice to bite into a ball of mozza every now and then so that I could taste the other elements of the pie. My only grip was the dough was a bit thin. I recognize that they are trying to go for thin crust pizza but I found this one especially thin and crispy. I prefer something a little doughier, with a little give, even when they are thin. I think Without Papers achieves this quite nicely. This is just a matter of preference of course.

Una Pizzeria is a great place to grab a drink, have some small bites, and to share a pizza. I loved the food more than the pie, especially the prosciutto walnuts. While I remain sad that Wicked Wedge is gone, Una is a great replacement!

Una Pizzeria, 618 17th Ave SW, Calgary, 403-453-1183. unapizzeria.com
UNA Pizza and Wine on Urbanspoon

~ by Russ on February 7, 2012.

5 Responses to “Una Pizzeria (Calgary) – A good replacement for the Wicked Wedge”

  1. After going to Western Canada High School for three years, I was also devastated when I learned that Wicked Wedge Pizza was no longer at their 17th Ave. location. However I did learn that Wicked Wedge has re-opened in the Chinook Mall Food Court. I have only been twice, but for the most part they have retained most of the same menu, and quality.

    Enjoyed your review of Una,


    • I will have to check it out Kevin! I wasn’t sure if that Wicked Wedge was the same as the one on 17th. I will definitely hit it up next time I am at Chinook!

  2. Hi there,
    I found your blog through urbanspoon as looking for a place to go for dinner. I’ve checked other reviews here, and I absolutely love them and the pictures of food. Btw, what camera did you use to take pictures for the Una pizza? They look amazing!
    I think I will hit Una pizza with my boyfriend T next weekend.
    Thanks again for the review. 😉

    • Glad you like the site Y! The camera I used was my old Canon G7. I am presently using a Fuji X10 and I think my shots are getting better! I hope you enjoy Una as much as I did!

  3. Thank You for the info about Wicked Wedge. Yes, they are at the mall was there last night and was delicious.

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