Vintage Chophouse (Calgary) – Decent steak but I prefer homemade

A friend came in from out of town to visit for 3 weeks. She is from Toronto and I thought it was important to show her what Alberta Beef tasted like. So I Chowhounded “best steak in Calgary” since I hadn’t been in so long. Unfortunately, the threads were somewhat old and bare. Vintage got some good reviews but also some bad ones. I thought I’d give it a try.

This is the 14oz Striploin (custom aged for up to 55 days to further enhance flavour and tenderness and grilled at 1600 degrees) for $45 with one side. It seemed pricey but I think it was comparable to other chophouses and the side portions were very large. I feel mixed about this steak. They didn’t quite get a crust on the steak the way I like. The actual marbling and texture was great. It was cooked well. The hard part about discussing steak is that it is all based on preferences. Some people might find this steak perfect.

This is the 8oz tenderloin for $39. I got a bite of this and it was delicious!!! They really got the crust right on this steak. A little crispy, salty, but gives way to a tender juicy interior. I wish I’d gotten this steak instead.

This is the Baked Alaska. Have you ever been on a cruise and on Americana day they serve large Baked Alaska? It is quite a spectacle! They have all the servers and busboys wear red-white-blue vests with top hats, then they bring in the Baked Alaskas, they do a song and dance with the entire dining room, they light sparkler candles, and finally, flame it table side. I had to get this dish based upon my fond memories of my grade 8 cruise with my parents. Unfortunately, this was only okay. The outside whip was a bit dense and sweet. The ice cream underneath was tasty but in the end… it was just ice cream with a topping on the outside that was lightly scorched.

This was the pumpkin pie cheesecake. Tasty, simple, satisfying. Nothing elaborate. A good cheesecake.

Overall, Vintage had a decent steak but I prefer the steaks I make at home. I think it is a matter of preference more than anything. The steaks were cooked well, had good flavours, but I just didn’t think they got the texture right. I feel like Ruth’s Chris got the texture better for me, though I haven’t been there in 4 years.

Vintage Chophouse, 322 – 11 Ave SW, 403-262-7262.
Vintage Chophouse & Tavern on Urbanspoon

~ by Russ on February 6, 2012.

2 Responses to “Vintage Chophouse (Calgary) – Decent steak but I prefer homemade”

  1. If you prefer homemade steaks, please do us all a favour and don’t write any more reviews on steakhouses.



    • Hey, if you prefer to look the other way and believe that it is impossible to make steakhouse quality steaks at home then please go ahead and continue spending outrageous sums of money for mediocre product.

      Some steakhouses may rise above, but to insinuate that being able to make a good steak personally means you cannot critique a steakhouse…not sure on that connection.


      This guy.

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