Model Milk (Calgary) – A really exciting place to eat!

I’ve been to Model Milk a few times over the last 3 months and I have to say that it is one of the more exciting places to eat in Calgary right now. Unfortunately, I do not love the no reservation system. I know they probably make more money this way and that on the whole, it is a savvy business practice, but it really just deters me from eating there on weekends. Maybe that is what they want? The no reservation thing is spreading unfortunately. Borgo Trattoria doesn’t take reservations either. Grumble.

The space is beautiful. As H would say… it is the place in Calgary that is most like Vancouver. It is kind of douchey statement… but I agree. They really think about all the details.

These lamps are gorgeous.

The food is also very good. They revamp their menu frequently and are currently on their 13th iteration of the menu. This item was on the 0010 menu over December 2011. This is the Pork Ribs as Chicken Wings. They take pork side ribs, presumably bake/boil them, then bread them, then fry them. Then they add hot chicken wing sauce. You get an amazing mix of fried breaded meat, spicy wing sauce, but also a rich and satisfying pork flavour. This was my favourite item on their menu.

They also make delicious drinks, some of the best I’ve had in Calgary. They are expensive, around $12 each, but they are made well with some great ingredients. In the middle is a Sazerac and to the right is the Christmas Punch. Really thoughtful and tasty drinks! The drinks combined with the late night menu makes Model Milk an amazing place for a post-dinner pit stop.

This is the Shrimp. It is no longer offered unfortunately but it was really tasty. Huge shrimp, nicely cooked, and very bouncy.

This is the Fricassee of Calamari, guanciale, edamame, pimenton for $14. Really interesting flavours here. The calamari had a lot of squid flavour which was sort of surprising for me. Usually calamari is bland and really a mechanism for sauce delivery into your mouth. I couldn’t get enough of this squid. It almost had the taste of squid ink. The edamame added some sweetness and there were little croutons littered through the dish that soaked up sauce.

This is the Pig. Such a smart dish for $28. You get pig essentially 3 ways. It starts with pancetta on the outside that is crispy and salty, then you get a pork sausage that is deconstructed and wrapped around some pork tenderloin. The tenderloin is cooked in such a way that it almost falls apart on your fork. They really get the texture right with this meat. Then you add some delicious beans and a savoury sweet sauce (can’t remember what was in it) and you’ve got yourself a winner. A really smart and tasty dish.

This is the Octopus (maple glaze, lime, basil, radish) for $15. Really nicely cooked octopus that is steaky without being gummy. Each bite just made your mouth water with juicy octopus flavour. Again some sweet edamame rounds out some of the seafoodiness.

This is The Burger (morel mushroom ragout, cheese curds) for $19. This is the 2nd best burger I’ve had in Calgary (followed by the Dairy Lane DLB Burger, click here.) The meat was soo juicy without being oily. You can see it dripping down the bun here even before I take a bite. The flavours were intense, the savouriness of the mushrooms and a kick in the nuts of beef flavour. God it was good. The fries were decent.They were lightly fried, salted, oily, and hit the spot for late at night.

Model Milk is an exciting place to eat. The space is beautiful, the menu frequently changes, and they make really interesting food. It helps that it is open late and their kitchen closes quite late. I can’t wait to come back. I only wish they’d take reservations…

Model Milk, 308 – 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB, 403-265-7343,
Model Milk on Urbanspoon

~ by Russ on February 3, 2012.

3 Responses to “Model Milk (Calgary) – A really exciting place to eat!”

  1. Do they allow reservations if you’re in a larger group? I’ve noticed the no reservation policy with the better restaurants out there.

    Pork ribs as chicken wings, huh? Sounds like a Superbowl party food in the making.

    It’s nice to see you writing again. I was beginning to wonder if you stopped for good. Welcome back!

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