Las Tortillas (Calgary) – Whoa Calgary! Nice find!

J’s brother D recommended this taco place in a stripmall in NE Calgary. He recently moved from Vancouver and there was a seriously awesome Taco shop on West Hastings that I fondly remember. To get his taco fix, he combed the Chowhound boards and discovered this place. We decided to check it out one random Friday.

It doesn’t look like much. A small Mexican grocery shop in a stripmall manned by a nice man and his daughter (I presume). I thought I might have the wrong place because it really didn’t look like a place to eat. But the warm and inviting scent of fresh tortillas convinced me that this wasn’t a bad idea.

The menu is small. They serve 6 types of tacos: beef, pork, beef tongue, chicken, shrimp, chorizo. Cost is somewhere between $3 to $4 for each taco. But my god, they are amazing.

As you can see, the tacos are small, soft, and are doubled up because they are so thin. Make no mistake… they are small but they pack a flavour punch.

This is the chorizo sausage, my favourite. Fresh onions add some nice heat but the big thing is the spicy sauce they add on top. It makes your mouth scream with fire. J thought it was too hot… but I enjoyed the challenge. I was sweating. But then again, I usually sweat when I eat. Maybe I’ll clarify and say that I sweat more than usual. The tortillas were just fantastic. Rich sweet corn flavour, tender, and never chewy. I would definitely eat this one last because it packs such a punch.

This is the beef tongue. Just amazing. I know it grosses people out but you have to give it a chance. When it is done well, it is done realllly well. Just soft, tender meat. They must’ve braised the hell out of it. Sweet, nicely seasoned, but it was the texture that won me over. Again, this works well with the tortillas and the green sauce they slather on top is just delicious.

They also sell a lot of other awesome Mexican stuff but probably the best two items are their fresh tortillas that you can take home… and Mexican Coke! It is made with real sugar versus fructose and it just tastes cleaner and fresher. You have got to try it. You don’t feel as gross and full with sugary sweetness. What I also love is the family style nature of this place. Honestly, J and I ate 5 tacos while watching an old 60s movie on AMC. It reminds me of coming home from school in grade 5, eating a snack, and watching RDTV.

I am definitely coming back here more often. I need to explore the NE more. One of the big pluses of being back in Calgary is the more diverse cultural offerings! W00t!

Las Tortillas, 2, 4100 Marlbourough Drive NE, 403-273-3555.
Las Tortillas on Urbanspoon

~ by Russ on February 3, 2012.

3 Responses to “Las Tortillas (Calgary) – Whoa Calgary! Nice find!”

  1. Your post reminds me that I need to find a taco place in Ottawa. Reading all the LA food blogs makes me yearn for them!

    • Screw Tacos. If I was in Ottawa… I’d be eating sooo much Schwarma. There is NO schwarma that is good in Calgary. Christine, cherish what you have. Go out there and eat it all up hehehe.

  2. Not a big shawarma person. I feel like tacos would taste much better. I’m blaming all the LA blogs for writing about tacos so much.

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