Tenshi Sushi (Calgary) – Ridiculous fish pieces!

It has been a long time since I’ve made a new post. A couple of reasons for this:

a) moving back to Calgary required more adjustment than I thought. The job was harder, more demanding, and J got a new job which was similarly demanding.

b) Calgary had a ton of restaurants! It was daunting to post about every restaurant that I ate at!

c) My camera sucked. I dropped my G7 and created a crack in the case. It still shot good photos… but there was a dead pixel on the sensor and some dust on the sensor too. Robinson’s camera told me it would cost $120 to fix it. I said screw it. I’ll get a new camera.

All in all… lots of excuses. But… I got a new camera! The Fuji X10! I love this thing. And the photos are rolling in now. And I feel like I might as well post them. And the strange thing is… I feel like I miss blogging!

Tenshi sushi is really close to where I live. It makes me happy to know that I am a 7 minute walk away from some awesome sushi. It reminds me of my Kingston days.

The reason why I love this place is because of the ever so important R:F ratio. The fish pieces are insane. Each nigiri requires at least 3 bites. Or you can stuff your face like IM does. It is funny to watch. Each piece is very well priced at $1.50. For the price of typical all-you-can-eat in Calgary (around $30), you can get 20 pieces. And the fish is way higher quality and you get way more of it! It isn’t the best fish I’ve had in Calgary… but it is damn good for the price. The rice is also good quality and not too dry, sticky or chewy. I should probably comment on why I only order salmon and tuna. It isn’t that I don’t like the other fish here… it is just that the plain salmon and tuna here is SUCH A GOOD DEAL!

God, even writing about the sushi is making me crave it. The fish pieces are sooo huge. It is insane. J does describe one drawback: fish cut this large is somewhat hard to chew. It is true. A mouthful of slippery salmon can be somewhat unpalatable after the 10th piece.

This is the negi-toro handcone. Cost is $4.50. Not a bad price… but really high quality rice and seaweed. It cracks easily in your teeth and you don’t find yourself chewing through damp seaweed. Try a handcone at an all-you-can-eat place. You’ll see what I mean. The fish again is quite good and I love the spiciness of the green onions.

All in all, Tenshi Sushi isn’t the best fish I’ve had in Calgary but I would argue it is the best value I’ve ever seen in sushi. And I live 7 minutes away! Happy!

Tenshi Sushi, 304, 10th Street NW, Calgary AB, 403-457-0370, no website.
Tenshi Sushi on Urbanspoon

~ by Russ on February 3, 2012.

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