The Tango: Graze & Groove (Kingston) – A revised opinion

Sorry about the paucity of posts in the last 2 months. Flu and RSV is rampant in the hospital and it has been busy.

A friend recently recommended the Seafood Pasta from The Tango so I decided to check it out on a Friday night. I’ve been to Tango before for tapas before but I haven’t really ever eaten their main dishes. My previous review is here.

The seafood pasta was awful. The pasta itself was seasoned and cooked well. The shrimp were springy and plump. The clams were ridiculous. Frozen. Literally frozen. I ate one and it was rock solid. I was lazy so I said to myself: “If there are no more frozen ones, I will just ignore it.” There were 3 more frozen clams. My friend ordered the same dish in the white wine sauce. Again, the clams were frozen. We sent it back to the kitchen. Presumably they microwaved it as it returned to us within 3 minutes.

The best part of the night: the bill. After being served frozen seafood, our $19 dollar dish was comped down to… wait for it… $9 dollars. Yes. They gave me 50% off.

Serving frozen seafood is one thing. Insulting me by comping half my meal is another. For $9 I could get some Five Guys and not feel sick to my stomach. The service is great, the atmosphere is nice, and I’ll still come here for drinks. But I don’t think I’ll eat here again.

The Tango, 331 King Street East, Kingston, ON, (613) 531-0800,
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~ by Russ on February 13, 2011.

4 Responses to “The Tango: Graze & Groove (Kingston) – A revised opinion”

  1. I agree with your review. Tango is NOT the place to eat food!!!

    • It truly is not a place for food. But I can’t help the reputation it has. Everyone I know loves going their for drinks at Tapas. Hence… I will keep going back, but not by choice.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with this as well. The kitchen and entire restaurant is actually infested with rats. I spotted one when I was eating there for lunch one day. Disgusting. Never again.

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