Two cool developments for A Glutton in Kingston!

To be fair, these aren’t new developments. I just wanted to give a shout out to two individuals who have shown a particular interest in my blog and really have elevated my distribution (well across the Information Super Highway anyway).

1) In April 2010, Harvey Kirkpatrick, editor for, “an independent, non-profit, community-driven website that focuses on everything and anything related to the Limestone City of Kingston, Ontario”, expressed interest in crossposting my articles on his website. We shared a love of Kingston food and Harvey expressed fondness of my pornographic food images. I’ve written about 13 articles that have been posted on the Kingstonist over these last few months and I’ve really enjoyed the debates/conversations that other Kingston food lovers have had over some of my posts and posts from other writers. The topics of Starbucks oversaturating the downtown core and the start of 4 new burger places in the last 6 months are particularly hot discussions. I just wanted to thank Harvey for showing interest in my articles and for allowing me to write for the Kingstonist!

2) In October 2010, Josephine Matyas, a freelance writer for Kingston Life (online magazine and printed magazine), chose 3 bloggers to feature in an article about blogging. For some reason… she decided to feature me! If you want to check it out, here it is! Even though it is a pretty short piece, it is pretty cool to be featured in yet another bigger publication! Thanks to Josephine for having interesting in my blogging!

~ by Russ on November 22, 2010.

One Response to “Two cool developments for A Glutton in Kingston!”

  1. Thanks once again for sharing your voice to the site. I always enjoy your honest opinion, tasty descriptions and yes, especially your food porn photos. Congrats on the Kingston Life feature.

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