Golden Rooster (Kingston) – Great sandwiches in Kingston

Golden Rooster sounds more like a Chinese restaurant than a deli. A staple of downtown Princess Street, the line ups at lunch can be ridiculous. But the people of Kingston have good taste when they support this local establishment. The selection of deli meat and cheeses are impressive and while the lineups are long, they have an efficient number system to get people through their orders.

The deli is very deeeeeeeep. Here you can see a line-up (smaller than usual) and the wicked selection of meats.

This is the cold-cut combination sandwich for around $5. You get so much meat! The salted cured meats were my favourite but I also liked the meat loafs. They didn’t tell me what each meat was but I really enjoyed each bite. The bread was fresh and the ingredients were crispy and sliced thinly. I hate it when you have a gigantic cucumber in your sandwich that really unbalances the textures. My only gripe: they used margarine instead of butter.

This is the house pate sandwich for around $5 again. J had this. I am not a big fan of pate but it wasn’t too liver-ey for me. Again, there was some nice quality ingredients in this sandwich (less the margarine).

Overall, Golden Rooster is a great place to grab a quick sandwich if you live or work downtown. They have some nice hot entrees too. I am a big fan of their cabbage rolls.

Golden Rooster, 111 Princess Street Kingston, ON K7L 1A8 – (613) 549-6540, no website

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~ by Russ on November 4, 2010.

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