La Banquise (Montreal) – Not to be missed for poutine

I took a close friend to CSS for her bachlorete party. I guess I am one of the “girls” hence I was invited on this exciting trip. After a pretty intense night, we were needing a grease fix the next day. Hence we went to La Banquise. It is open 24 hours and is reportedly the place to beat for poutine. J and I came here 2 years ago and we really liked it but our complaint at the time was that the gravy was a bit luke warm.

This is the Poutine Classique for $5.49. The fries slightly soggy with grease. J likes the fries a bit crispier but I personally love this moist texture. The cheese curds were squeeky (the way I love it) and gooey where the gravy melted it. The gravy was runny and had a nice texture. As far as I am concerned, pretty darn perfect poutine.

This is the Poutine Mexicane for $6.95 with hot peppers, tomatoes, and black olives. Basically nachoes on fries. Surprisingly tasty and a nice contrast to the classic. The hot peppers eaten with a cheese curd tastes pretty amazing.

This is the Poutine Frank for $8 with Merguez sausages. This was the poutine that was eaten the fastest. The sausage had a quick sear to add some texture. It was the perfect combination of saltiness, spiciness, umami flavours, and textures. I loved these fries!

Do not miss La Banquise if you want poutine in Montreal. To be honest, I still found their gravy somewhat lukewarm and the fries could be a bit more freshly fried. But these were still some of the best poutines that I’ve had (sober).

La Banquise, 994 Rue Rachel Est, Montréal, QC H2J2J3, (514) 525-2415,
Resto la Banquise on Urbanspoon

~ by Russ on September 29, 2010.

5 Responses to “La Banquise (Montreal) – Not to be missed for poutine”

  1. Why?!! La Banquise was supposed to be our secret, meaning you’re not supposed to tell people about it. Seriously though, this place is so good it’s disgusting. It puts Smoke’s poutinerie to shame, and the fact that they serve beer makes it doubley-good. Coincidently the last time I visited La Banquise was when I was in the city for my friends bachelor party. Epic times, epic poutine. But keep it on the down low.

    • Hahaha, somehow Montreal is like the Las Vegas for Kingsonites. I’ve been to Montreal 2-3x with my buddies on similar epic adventures and we always find ourselves at La Banquise.

      It does put Smoke’s to shame but…. I actually went to Smoke’s yesterday and liked it! It was really busy inside so the fries were still hot and fresh, the gravy was hot, and the cheese curds were actually melting (my first experience was pretty bad). I always seem to forget to bring my camera hence no post… yet…

      • I tried Smokes last weekend. The fries were really awesome, so much so, they got me wondering if Smoke’s actually use fresh potatos? I saw lots of bags of spuds sitting around, but wasn’t sure if they were simply a part of the decor. In any case, Smoke’s is decent, a definite step up from Bubba’s, but it’s no La Banquise.

  2. Hi,
    i would like to obtain your autorisation to publish your Mexican Poutine’s picture in our magazine. We are writing a article on Best poutine in Canada.

    Have a good day,
    eric buteau

    • Hi Eric,

      By all means, please use the photo in your magazine. A little thank you/shout out for the photo credit would be appreciated though 🙂


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