Pabellon Gastropub (Kingston) – A sad loss to the Kingston food scene

Update – As of September 4th, Pabellon Gastropub has closed. I eagerly await the next culinary offering from chef Sergio Zevallos.

The Gastropub is a new concept to me. I tried out Wellington Gastropub in Ottawa (definitely worth checking out if you are in the area) and loved the idea of pub-feel combined with high quality food.

When I drove by Pabellon Gastropub and saw the term Gastropub, I was not sure how to respond. Would they ruin a great idea in the way the Joy Supper Club ruined the idea of a supper club? I decided to check it out.

The patio is one of the best in Kingston. While not busy just yet as they haven’t really done a lot of advertising, it is spacious, well furnished, and I was lucky enough to get some nice live acoustic guitar when I went. There is something relaxing about being on a patio with a cold drink, listening to live music, with cars driving by below you. The interior is equally well furnished. Lots of wood trim and cushy benches line the area. It is quite a large space so I wonder how it will fill out in the coming months.

This is the blackened swordfish steak (dusted in Cajun spices then pan roasted and served with a creamy chorizo sausage and leek fettuccini) for $20.50. I really enjoyed the seasoning and the firmness of the swordfish. It wasn’t dry and fell apart in nice flakes. The pasta was made in house, fresh, and nicely bouncy. The sausage added some nice zip to the dish.

This is the vegetarian gnocchi (blanched then sauteed with mixed mushrooms, oven-dried cherry tomatoes and asparagus slices, coated with a four cheese sauce then broiled until golden brown) for $12.55. J had this dish and really enjoyed it but found it a bit rich. It was difficult to finish the whole thing without feeling really heavy. The gnocchi had a nice texture. Pretty satisfying for a vegetarian dish.

This is the baby spinach, baby lettuce leaves, feta cheese, cucumber cubes, oven-dried cherry tomatoes, crispy bacon and sweet chili raspberry vinaigrette for $10. R had this dish and said she enjoyed the dressing but found the lettuce slightly bruised.

This is the crispy calamari (calamari strips flash fried until golden, lightly dusted in lemon pepper seasoning and served with a roasted red pepper aioli) for $10.15. C had this dish and said she liked it.

This is the Baked Tilapia and shrimp (served with provencal fork mashed potatoes and caper lemon butter sauce) for $19.75. I had this and said she liked it.

These are the Otter tails (deep fried pastry, dusted with cinnamon sugar and filled with both vanilla and chocolate pastry cream) for $5.50. The tails read better on paper than they tasted. The main problem was the deep fried pastry. Deep fried pastry should be a lot lighter and thinner or you risk having it get too heavy and drowning out the other flavours in oil. I didn’t love this dessert.

Overall, Pabellon Gastropub is a welcome addition to the food scene in Kingston. They have an extensive wine/scotch/beer list and their patio is really quite comfortable. The food is interesting and it is quite well made. I look forward to more Friday evenings here.

Pabellon Gastropub, 1187 Princess Street , Unit 1 Kingston, ON K7M 3G5, (613) 532-5365. No website.

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~ by Russ on August 17, 2010.

6 Responses to “Pabellon Gastropub (Kingston) – A sad loss to the Kingston food scene”

  1. Dear Glutton,
    Important question: how’s Mug and Truffle?

    • Interesting that you ask… perhaps I will write a short blurb about it. I generally don’t like posting without a photo but… to be honest I didn’t see anything to shoot a photo of. Gimme 10 minutes 🙂

  2. Dear Glutton, Thank you so much for your support, you comments mean a great deal to me and will play a key role as part of my CV. I hope there is an oportunity for me in this great city.

    best regards, Sergio Zevallos

  3. Pretty sure this place is closed now. We just drove by and the signs were taken down. I didn’t get to try it but my friend went and said she didn’t have a great experience. Will another restaurant open up in this seemingly doomed location?

    • Yup, it is closed down as you can see from the comments above. I am looking forward to Chef Sergio’s next start in Kingston!

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