Kingston Brew Pub (Kingston) – Great pub grub and beer

Just as OB has Tango as their territory, we have Kingston Brew Pub as ours. We find ourselves there after work on many Fridays. In the summer, their patio is shaded and great for people watching. They also have a pretty awesome courtyard in the back (with a hilarious park bench on the roof… I really don’t know why that is there, I wonder if people sit there and watch the people below).

They make their own beer and cider so you definitely don’t want to miss it. I find myself drawn to the Dragon Pale Ale as my usual drink of choice. We interviewed a whole bunch of candidates here last year and had them on the second floor where there is lots of room for big parties.

Their pub grub is pretty good too. This is the  Horn of Plenty (“This will blow you over – onion rings, zucchini sticks, mushroom caps, chips, wings, and nachos. ‘Where to Eat on Day Parole’ calls it ‘Wow! What a pile of food!”‘) for $15.10. It is gigantic. Lots of nachos and even more fries that I really like (very darkly fried with skin on). The wings are marinated and charbroiled in BBQ sauce and not deep fried. Thus I don’t find them too oily.

This is the Lamb Burger 6 oz (served with lettuce, tomatoes, onion and pickle on a whole wheat bun and chips and cooked medium) for $10.90. I found the burger a touch on the dry side but it had a nice fragrant lamb flavour. Again these chips are pretty tasty.

This is the UN Chicken Sandwich (Canadian Grade “A” breaded chicken breast topped with Swiss Cheese, sprouts, tomato, lettuce and East Indian curried mayo on a whole wheat bun) for $11.25. Nicely crispy chicken and a very interesting mayo.

Kingston Brew Pub is our go-to place for a drink after work. It will remain so for many years to come because of its location, its food, and its drinks.

Kingston Brew Pub, 34 Clarence St., Kingston, ON, K7L1W9,

Kingston Brewing Company on Urbanspoon

~ by Russ on June 30, 2010.

4 Responses to “Kingston Brew Pub (Kingston) – Great pub grub and beer”

  1. I think this is the first review of yours that I’ve actually disagreed with. When I first arrived in Kingston I also loved the KBC, however with time the place lost it’s luster. There is definitely something genuine about a place that brews their own, however there are now only one or two beers I actually enjoy there, and one was seasonal (perhaps one time only). Otherwise, the food itself is either too greasy, lacking in seasoning, or riding on the shtick of some beer flavouring. Perhaps the kitchen has changed how they do things as it has been quite some time since I last ate there, but given my past experiences, it will be some time before i give them another chance. If I want good pub grub, I look no further than the Iron Duke.

    • I’ve only been in Kingston since 2008 so maybe Brew Pub was better prior? I really enjoy Iron Duke as well (especially as it is the cleanest pub I’ve been to in Kingston, I really hate it when beer coasters stick to the table because of… a film of dirt).

      However, Iron Duke is a bit too rowdy and loud for a casual drink. Hence my affection for Brew Pub. Which beer did you enjoy in the past Harvey?

  2. Reel (or Real?) Ale rings a bell. And they had a very nice bitter, almost copper coloured beer to commemorate the birthday of the Alexander Henry (Coast Guard vessel that’s just down the road). Both are great. They’ve been talking and advertising the arrival of White Tail in the LCBO for far too long now…I don’t know if they’re simply teasing us at this point, or delusional.

    I suppose I don’t really mind their beer now and again, but if ever someone were to suggest going there for a bite, I would flat out refuse. The other options out there are more appealing to me.

  3. I love the Horn of Plenty! Also the Buffalo Burger (whatever it’s called) and the Torpedo Steak Sandwich are great.

    I enjoy the KBC who not only brew their own beer, but for non-drinkers like myself they also brew their own root beer and cream soda. The root beer is decent and the cream soda is AWESOME!

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