Cafe Le Matin (Kingston) – Inconsistent

Before getting my eyes checked today, I decided to check out this little cafe (formerly known as Coffey’s Cafe) that I have walked by about 100 times on Princess St. across from the Shoppers Drug Mart. I have never walked in because it just seemed so dark from the outside. Looking for a quick breakfast after a night shift, J and I checked it out.

To my surprise, it was really clean and quaint on the inside. Totally cleaner than Morrison’s. It appears to be owned by an Asian family who work as the teller, bus the tables, and cook the food.

I like the colour scheme and the exposed brick.

This is the swiss bacon chicken sandwich for $8.49. A pretty good deal considering something comparable at Moxies would be $10+. The fries were really really crispy. The chicken was nicely grilled, bacon crispy, and it had just the right amount of mayo. A winner. Simple and unassuming.

This is the big breakfast for $6.49. The potatoes were seasoned and crispy. The bacon was fatty and also pretty crispy without being crunchy. The eggs not too greasy and were not goopy on top. Only point against: they use margarine.

This place is really a hidden gem in Kingston. Beats down Cora’s and Morrison’s. I’ll be here again soon.

Addendum October 2010 –

To my horror, one of my co-workers read my blog, tried Cafe Le Matin based upon my favourable comments, and then told me that he hated it and cast doubt on the integrity of my review! I had to revisit Le Matin to see what was up. Maybe D just doesn’t know what he wants in a simple breakfast?

This was the big breakfast for $6.49. You can see from the photo that it doesn’t compare to the big breakfast I had previously. The bacon was thin and seemed prepackaged and pre-cooked. The eggs were not served the way I ordered (sunny side up versus what I think is over-easy here). Worst of all, the potatoes were underseasoned, oily, and mushy. They didn’t have the wonderful crispness of the potatoes I had before.

This is the big breakfast sandwich for $4.99. Intensely mayo-ey. They put soooo much mayo on! My mouth was hit with this overwhelming acidic taste. I ended up having to scrape the mayo off of the lettuce. Again the bacon was a bit underwhelming and thin. A bit pricey for $4.99.

Sadly, based on my last experience, I don’t think I will be returning to Cafe Le Matin despite my favourable comments earlier. This is a perfect example of why consistency is so important in a restaurant.

Cafe Le Matin, (formerly known as Coffey’s Cafe), 137 Princess Street, no website.

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~ by Russ on June 28, 2010.

8 Responses to “Cafe Le Matin (Kingston) – Inconsistent”

  1. thank you so much for all the new posts of late – it’s making me so excited to go back!

    • Sometimes you just get into a frenzy and feel like you have a lot to say. I have stuff that I want to post on Brew Pub, Zappas, Olivea, and Morrison’s! Stay posted!

  2. Brewwwww pubbbbb my weakness – winter storm + homemade cider + trivial pursuit + brew pub window seat = perfect night!

  3. I was there today and had an “Authentic Gyro” – there was NOTHING authentic about it. Last time I checked authentic meant it came off a big slab of meat, not that they heated up pre-cut meat slices… and I can say that in all the Greek restaurants I’ve eaten that I’ve NEVER had slices of cheese on it…

  4. bro that place is the best, you probably didnt even put your dishes in the bucket

  5. I worked at Cafe La Matin as a cash and server, I loved working there it is a great place to work. The people that own the restaurant usually do a great job, the only time things may be tasting bad is when they are under pressure, like many other restaurants. Some of the food may not be as great as a four star restaurant, but like I said it is a small family owned business it is how they make a living. They may not be the same every time but not a lot of places are. Also, the “Authentic” Gyro is just a name besides I think it tastes great!

  6. Service sucks, the food sucks, will never go back there again!

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