La Palette (Toronto) – Delicious duck

After an interview in Toronto, I hit up La Palette in the Kensington Market with J, K, P, and J. I frequent J’s blog and man oh man does he eat out a lot. Just driving through Kensington Market, he was pointing out restaurant after restaurant that made my J’s mouth water. The truth is: if I lived in Toronto, I would be so fat. There are just so many options. I don’t think I would be able to control myself.

K recommended La Palette for Brunch because P was on-call and had to be close to the Western. He does a really lame thing where he recommends a place without having tried it so that if it is bad, we can’t comment on his poor palate. Inside, it was really warm and pretty cramped. Some might consider it cozy. My table was really wobbly but the server noted it and fixed it without us even asking. The coffee was non-stop. I was seriously buzzed after breakfast.

This is the duck confit (pan seared tender leg of duck confit served with salad and frites) for $16. I don’t usually have duck in a pan-seared fashion so this was really exciting. The meat was wonderfully cooked so that it would fall off the bone and the edges were seared so that the meat was caramelized. There wasn’t a lot of meat but what was there was delicious. The salad was pretty soggy and overdressed (I hate it when salads come overdressed to parties). The frites were forgettable. I really liked the meat in this dish.

The Omelette Espagnole (stout-stewed chorizo with marinated onion, potato, and cheese ) for $12. The egg was delicious as it really carried a lot of unique beer flavour. The chorizo was not particularly spicy but the different components really enhanced the fullness of the stout flavour. I did find the textures a bit unsatisfying (read that as “mushy”) but this dish was pretty good overall. The frites and salad were again forgetable.

K, this was a pretty good place for brunch. Your method of recommending a place you haven’t tried is laudable when it works… laughable when it doesn’t. I’d come here again. I only wish the sides were better.

La Palette, 256 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, ON, (416) 929-4900,

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~ by Russ on April 26, 2010.

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