TGI Friday’s (Niagara Falls) – Ridiculousness!

I recently went to a conference in Niagara Falls. My colleagues and I arrived slightly early and as such, we were not provided lunch. We figured that it would be reasonable to try to eat outside of the hotel since the rest of our meals would be catered there. With only an hour to spare, the closest place to eat was TGI Friday’s. I am not writing this post about the food but more the prices.

Yup, that is 12 Buffalo wings for $18.99. Tell me where else in Canada you can charge more than $1 per wing?

Yup. That is a rack of baby back ribs for $36.99.

I didn’t get either of those items. I just wanted to show the world how ridiculous it was.

TGI Friday’s, 6700 Fallsview Road, Niagara Falls, ON, 905-356-8523,

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~ by Russ on April 8, 2010.

6 Responses to “TGI Friday’s (Niagara Falls) – Ridiculousness!”

  1. The prices there were crazy ridiculous. My family went more for the experience of it since my aunt loved the franchise but we were surprised how crazy expensive it was. Spoiled my appetite a bit knowing that it was costing that much just for some fairly standard meal. Ended just getting a few things and just sharing all around.

    • Totally ridiculous right?! I hate how they feel like they can gouge you… because unfortunately they can.

  2. I find this hilarious because in the States, TGI Friday’s is delicious AND VERY cheap. I had a full 3 course meal for 12.99 when I was down in Tennessee this winter. Full size appetizer, meal and dessert!

  3. I can explain why those are the prices – it’s Niagara Falls. I went with my boyfriend and we were so excited that there was an Outback Steakhouse there because they’ve closed down every other one in Ontario. We had planned to go to one while shopping for the day in Buffalo, but were excited that we found one conveniently located next to our hotel. After our meal, I was chatting with the waitress and told her how much more convenient this location was, and she remarked that we would have paid HALF THE PRICE had we gone to the one in Buffalo. Why? Her reply: ‘Niagara Falls might as well be a mini-Vegas. They overcharge everything!’

  4. HA HA…. I was in Dublin, Ireland a year or two ago and ate at a TGI Friday’s (I know, I know…. but I was craving something familiar) and I think the prices were about the same when converted from the Euro… pathetic!

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