Shikiji (Calgary) – My fav for ramen in Calgary

When I go back to Calgary, there are a few places that I always try to go: Dairy Lane, Wa’s and Shikiji. This is why.

The Tako Yaki for $6 (baked wheat ball with pieces of octupus on the inside). Not the best I’ve had in my life but they do it pretty well. At least they don’t fry it (which would be sacrilege). I love bonito flakes. Mmmmm.

The Spicy Ramen (this is special and limited time… so they say) for $10. I am not 100% sure what is in it but the broth is richer, spicier, and a little saltier. It comes with some seasoned ground pork. The noodles are wonderfully chewy/ bouncy and it is really very filling. I really like it… but I much prefer my regular Miso Ramen (which is what I usually get). You can check out my post on it here.

As a joke, we always get the Cajun Chicken Caesar roll. We saw it on the menu once and laughed at it. Who would want a fried up piece of Cajun-spiced chicken breast with Caesar dressing and lettuce wrapped in nori and rice? Note the parmesan cheese on top. It tastes pretty bad but I usually get it as a joke. However… I went to Shikiji once with a friend… and he actually ordered it off the menu… for real. I no longer listen to his restaurant advice anymore.

I really like Shikiji. The ramen is great. I probably wouldn’t get any of their other food, not because it isn’t good but because their ramen is easily the best in the city.

Shikiji, 1608 Centre St. NE, (403) 520-0093,

~ by Russ on February 22, 2010.

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