Humpty’s (Calgary) – A western Canadian alternative to Denny’s

Boxing Day. I’d gotten up at 6am to hit Futureshop. I wanted to get Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Blu-ray disks for $10. I know. It is stupid. The saddest part is that while I did get both films… I went back to Futureshop at 7pm to help J’s brother buy some headphones… and there were many many MANY of them left. Sigh. Why did I wake up so early?

For breakfast! We met up with J’s cousins at Humpty’s. We always laugh at Kent because of his affection for Humpty’s but I’d never really tried it. The sign was always so dirty, shady, faded white. It seemed like the place where cooks and servers from Denny’s go to die. Also… the primetime location on MacLeod Trail and by the Stampede doesn’t help its shadiness.

This is the Mexican Pan Scrambler for $10.50 (A spicy cheese sauce tops your choice of one of our tasty combinations served on a bed of savory diced potatoes and scrambled eggs, in this case, Mexi sauce, ground beef, tomatoes, and hot jalapenos). First of all… it was huge. I was so filled after this that I didn’t want to shop. The jalapenos tasted canned but they still added some nice zing. The cheese was pretty artificial but somehow… the flavours of this dish really made me happy. I knew it wasn’t the most amazing or healthy thing I ever ate… but I was surprised with how satisfied I was.

The Famous Cowboy Breakfast for $7.09 (J got one size smaller, regular size is $10.49). It comes with two eggs, banger squares, bacon, ham, diced potatoes, and Western toast. Pretty plain diner food here. The banger squares was essentially ground beef mashed into a square. The bacon was pretty thin. The McCain tater tots were alright. The canned pineapple slice was a hilarious touch. Added colour: yes. Taste: not so much. And that egg was seriously neon on colour. Overall… not the most amazing bacon/eggs I’ve ever had but pretty good and a good price.

I need to give Humpty’s credit for being more impressive, less greasy, and tastier than Denny’s. Everyone! Come here! Especially if you feel like diner food not surrounded by 24 year old boys who finished their games of Risk at 4am and are hungry.

Humpty’s, Calgary, AB, multiple locations in western Canada

Humpty's Family Restaurant (near Stampede Park) on Urbanspoon

~ by Russ on February 18, 2010.

One Response to “Humpty’s (Calgary) – A western Canadian alternative to Denny’s”

  1. That photo reminds me moreso of Smitty’s, which in my opinion is leagues better than Denny’s. Smitty’s is a chain…you can find the one in Kingston on Princess Street in the same plaza as Chapters. The dishes that look like the one pictured are called skillets. They are a guilty favourite of mine.

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