Belmont Diner (Calgary) – A decent diner breakfast

My best friend from medical school got engaged. I don’t think she knows that she is my best friend from medical school. Maybe I should tell her. Nah. I think it would be weird.

We decided to grab an early morning breakfast on Christmas Eve as her and her fiance had just come back from Cuba and J and I were going to be doing the typical family dinner tour for Christmas.

Originally we wanted to go to Dairy Lane but they were closed. So we headed to Belmont Diner with the intention of going to Phil’s and Sebastians for Coffee afterwards. It is located in a pretty bustling section of Marda Loop with lots of new shops and restaurants. I fondly remember Smiling Buddha where I got my tattoo. Ahh the memories. Belmont Diner has a policy of not seating you unless your whole party is present. Sometimes this is a pain in the ass if all your friends come from different parts of Calgary and aren’t punctual.

This is the Smoked Meat Hash for $13.75 (Authentic Montreal Smoked Meat mixed with hashbrowns, garlicky [sic] mushrooms, sauteed onions, banana peppers and cheese, topped with soft-basted eggs, served with toast). A lot of food. Not particularly oily considering all of the meat on there. I didn’t really taste the banana peppers. I really liked the texture of the mash after the eggs were broken so the yolk spilled out. My only concern was that it was quite salty and the smoked meat was a bit tough. Otherwise, a tasty dish.

This is the Traditional Breakfast for $10.75 (2-3 eggs almost any style, bacon, beef sausage, or ham, served with endless toast). Pretty straight forward diner food. The eggs were nicely runny. The beef sausage seen here was again a bit salty. Most meals come with endless hashbrowns. While I love hashbrowns, there is only so much fried potato that I can eat in a sitting. I’ve never actually asked for seconds to be honest but it is really nice that the option is there.

This is the Montreal Smoked Meat Omelette for  $14.25 (7 Oz genuine smoked meat, with sauteed onions, mushrooms and plenty of cheese, served with endless toast ). I didn’t get a chance to taste this but if it had the same smoked meat that was on my hash, it was probably a bit tough and salty.

Overall, Belmont Diner is a nice place for cozy diner food. I found the food quite filling and well priced. I’d only say that things were just a touch salty so I was bloody thirsty when I left.

Belmont Diner, 1-2008 33 Avenue SW Calgary, AB, (403) 242-6782

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~ by Russ on February 17, 2010.

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