Go for Tea (Toronto) – Where the Asians hang on Friday night

I was in Toronto a few weekends in a row, first to pick up Jules, then for a meeting, then to shop in Buffalo over the Labour Day weekend. With my car, my friends decided that a trip uptown wouldn’t be unreasonable. Hence… after a gut-busting Korean BBQ dinner… we hit up Go for Tea.

It seems like a trendy place. Lots of Asians inside. LOTS. If you aren’t Asian… you might consider going in the company of a few Asians so you don’t feel so out of place. That being said… there is lots of English used and people are pretty friendly. The menus are in English for those Canadian Born Chinese who unfortunately can’t read Chinese. I love that you can call for service by pressing a little button by your table. It is linked to your server’s pager so they usually come running.


While they have lots and lots of teas and lots and lots of bubbles, it was the crushed ice I was interested in. This is the Crushed ice with blended fruits and condensed milk for $7.99. You will see that the ice is more of a snow cone type texture. Sometimes you get big clumps of many ice shards together. The fruit tasted canned, especially the pineapple. Only the strawberries tasted fresh, but it was still pretty tasty overall. My only concern was that it was fairly sweet. If you are someone who constantly asks for half-sweet or no-sweet, you might want to bypass this dish.


Here is a photo of the crushed ice with mango and condensed milk for $6.99. The mango was easily the best topping so might as well bypass the other fruit and go straight for the mango. Mmmmmmm.

Overall, I like Go for Tea. Their crushed ice is pretty tasty and they make a reasonable bubble-tea. I’ve also heard that their cooked food is pretty good as well, though I’ve never tried it. It is slowly becoming one of my Toronto staples. Stay tuned for my take on TenRen…

Go for Tea, Unit 2-230 Commerce Valley Dr E, Thornhill, ON L3T 7Y3, www.gofortea.ca

Go For Tea on Urbanspoon

~ by Russ on September 22, 2009.

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