Kobe Beef (Calgary) – Good, not just because I am sentimental about it

I can’t exactly remember when I first had Kobe Beef. Maybe it was in grade 11 during a summer camp (yes, I did summer camp in grade 11). Maybe it was first year university. Regardless, it is a place that has special meaning for me. Located within MacEwan Hall (the Student’s Union) at the University of Calgary, it is a venerable institution in and of itself (perhaps more venerable than the crumbling UofC). It, along with the Dairy Queen, the A+W, and Coffee Company, has been there since I was at least 6.


Here it is: the Chicken/Beef combo on rice. If you say “combo” to the asian lady at the till, she’ll know what you mean. This term is what the staff use as a short form of the chicken/beef combo and whenever I say it, I always feel just a little bit closer to this small asian lady. You can’t see it well because of all the Red Rooster chili sauce I put on it. I started doing that in second year university, when my buddy Eric dared me to cover it so that I couldn’t see the food underneath. Who knew that this was a fantastic way to eat it!!! True… the cooks themselves are shocked when I douse it in hot sauce. True… I need napkins to wipe the sweat from my face after I eat it. But for sentimental reasons, I just can’t eat it without the hot sauce now. You should try it… at your own risk.

The price has risen dramatically. It used to cost $5.30. Right now, it is $6.75. Yikes. However, if you compare the quality of the beef and portion size to the mall-based teppanyaki places (Edo, Koya, Teriyaki Experience come to mind), you’ll quickly find that Kobe Beef is well worth the trip to the UofC. The beef is what makes Kobe Beef fantastic. Though not true “Kobe” beef, it is still very tender, very soft, and served as slices. At all the other Teppan-style places, in order to get the beef to cook faster, they dice it up with their utensils into little bits which really takes away from the texture of the beef.

I really like Kobe Beef. I honestly come here every time that I am in Calgary. I still think it is objectively quite good, with good quality and good value. But I am quite sentimental about it too. Just like the way I still like Creed and the Spice Girls.

Kobe Beef, 2506 University Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2M, (403) 284-2110, no website.

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~ by Russ on September 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Kobe Beef (Calgary) – Good, not just because I am sentimental about it”

  1. I’m having the Beef Curry as I type this. I’ve never tried the Chicken and beef combo here(Or chicken and beef combo anywhere actually, I’m a beef fan) but I will definitely try it next time. Not a big fan of the Curry right now, beef seems too salty. Looking forward to more posts from you, I love your food reviews!

    • Yea… Kobe Beef is obviously Chinese run and I have to say, Chinese curries are not that good. They use this special sauce that is sorta sweet, sorta sour, and has the smell of curry. I don’t love it myself. Definitely try the combo. You won’t be sorry.

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