Sushi Tokyo (Calgary) – Never eat here. SAVE YOURSELVES!

After a 5 year hiatus from Sushi Tokyo because of consistently bad quality, my buddy I and myself decided to head there for a lunch All-you-can-eat bonanza, for old times sake. Our preferred sushi watering hole (Sushi Ichiban) no longer served All-you-can-eat for lunch and frankly, after the nights that we had had, we needed some protein.

$16.99 for the All-you-can-eat special. Hmmm the price had risen. We almost turned away but we decided to push through since we were already there. Big mistake.

What was wrong with the food:

1) Orders were wrong – I ordered 6 salmon nigiri and they brought 2. I ordered a spicy salmon roll, they brought spicy tuna roll. We ordered 2 spicy tuna rolls and they brought one (this mistake was welcome).

2) Tuna tasted fishy – All the tuna tasted fishy. The tuna nigiri, the outsider roll, the spicy tuna roll, all of it was marred by an abhorrent fishiness.

3) Some very questionable fish – On the spicy tuna roll (which was supposed to be a spicy salmon roll), there was one piece of fish that was very white. It almost looked like red snapper but I wasn’t sure. I ended up taking the 4 pieces of that roll into my coat pocket and threw it away in the toilet so we wouldn’t get charged. I haven’t done antics like that since I was 16.

4) Bad tipping practices – They automatically charged us 10% gratuity even though we were a party of two. That is somewhat questionable already. BUT THEN THEY DECIDED TO GIVE US THE BILL WITH THE TIP LINE BLANK. My buddy I actually was going to end up giving a 25% tip because they did that. Thanks so my quick eye, we ended up giving them the baseline 10%. They didn’t deserve it.

There are very few restaurants that I will never ever frequent again. This is one of them. This makes my $hit list.

Sushi Tokyo, 128 – 328 Centre St. SE, (403) 232-8868, no website.
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~ by Russ on August 5, 2009.

9 Responses to “Sushi Tokyo (Calgary) – Never eat here. SAVE YOURSELVES!”

  1. Ha

    if you want to try All you can eat, go to Sumo on 10th or Sushi king at 16th N.W

    the best 2 place at Calgary from my personal.

    • Thanks for the tip Rondo. Unfortunately, I’ve decided to stop eating all-you-can-eat sushi. I still do it from time to time to reminisce about high school but overwhelmingly, I just feel like for the same dough ($20-$30), I could still stuff myself with good sushi at a nice place like Wa’s. I will certainly try Sushi King next time I am in Calgary.

  2. thks for heads up… just wondering if they force charge a tip ? kinda shady. did they advertise that they have a mandatory tip

    • Well, to be honest, they do mention the 10% tip on the menu BUT what is really shady is that they leave the tip part blank on the receipt. So you get this on the bill in the following order: Subtotal–>Tip–>Tax–>Total–>Tip–>Total.

  3. i tried their love boat once, and i never go back again! it so bad that makes me sick the nit after!
    i think the best all you can eat palce would be Sushi King on 16th ave! love their deep fried oyster!yum!

    • I have moved forward from all-you-can-eat. I am not sure if it is because my gut is smaller (it really isn’t) or if my tastes have changed. The idea of force feeding myself with massive amounts of raw fish just isn’t appealing anymore. Furthermore, the quality of all-you-can-eat joints just is becoming quite dismal. I’ll try Sushi King next time I am in Calgary but to be honest, I’d much rather spend $25 at Wa’s!

  4. my review on this place, LOL

  5. […] another review of Sushi Tokyo? Check out Russ’s blog post from […]

  6. Worst all you can eat there is. terrible service and essentially they categorize orders. They will take your first order but you would be lucky to get a second one because in their words it is busy. Never again.

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