The Pilot House (Kingston) – Good fish and chips

I really like fish and chips but it is hard to taste test them frequently because they are quite oily. I’ve heard from various sources that the Pilot House served the best fish and chips in Kingston so I decided to check it out. It is sort of a dodgy looking place but to be honest, most of Kingston looks like this. It isn’t without its charms.

IMG_8117And here they are! These are the Halibut Fish and Chips for $10.99. There are a variety of other types, including sole and bass. I figured that the fish should be thick and meaty so halibut seemed like a logical option. The batter wasn’t too heavy, the fish wasn’t too oily, and the chips were light and crisp. I quite enjoyed this dish.

IMG_8120This is the Clubhouse sandwich for $10. Julia wanted a healthy option and I guess this was the next best bet. I guess salad was an option but who goes to a pub for salad? The club was well made, not too salty, and had pretty fresh ingredients. There was perhaps a touch too much mayo but otherwise it was pretty tasty.

I like the Pilot House but as I said, fish and chips isn’t something you can eat all the time. I live close to it but I’ve only been 3x in the last year.

The Pilot House, 265 King St. East, Kingston, ON, (613) 542-0222,
The Pilot House on Urbanspoon

~ by Russ on July 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Pilot House (Kingston) – Good fish and chips”

  1. Hey Russ just discovered your site! Keep the updates coming!

  2. The Pilot House is one of my absolute favourite places to eat in Kingston. It really does have a Kingston-feel to it: small-town, cozy, and friendly.

    The halibut is the favourite choice of our friends and family, but I prefer the juicy little scallops, as I explain in my post:

    I’ve been recommending this place to everyone I know since discovering it only last year.

  3. If you love fish and chips – The Pilot house is the ticket. Perfection.

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