Sakura Teppanyaki (Kingston) – Fish is meh, Teppanyaki is good but oily

When I first arrived in Kingston, this establishment was relatively new to the area. It was not a new concept to me though: Chinese owner with chinese sushi chefs serving all-you-can-eat sushi along with appetizers for approximately $20-30 dollars per person. I won’t talk about the sushi because it is pretty forgettable (especially the R:F ratio which is ever so important). You should probably come here for all-you-can-eat once but then never again.

What they have that Calgary places don’t have is teppanyaki. There are standalone teppanyaki places (Japanese Village comes to mind) but I haven’t been to a place that fuses sushi with teppanyaki. Essentially, teppanyaki is where they cook your food in front of you on a large flat grill. There is a certain element of knife play, fancy displays, and fire that is meant to entertain you.

IMG_9486Here you can see the grill with steaks cooking and some chicken pieces cooking. It is nice to watch but generally, it screams cheesy. The chef makes a lot of noise, tosses an egg into his hat, into his pocket, etc etc. If you like that, great. I feel uncomfortable when cheesy jokes and displays are used to get my applause. It is like a comedian on a cruise ship who is pretty bad and gets obligatory laughs. A meal generally costs $20.95 or a bit more if you request seafood. For that price, you get two choices of meat that they will grill, along with fried rice, vegetables and a piece of Jello for dessert.

IMG_9488Here you can see all the meat you get. The beef is well cooked and reasonably well seasoned. The chicken is a touch salty and has an asian taste (probably soy + cooking wine for marinade). You are served the rice first (with much fanfare), then the meat, and then the vegetables (they do a cool trick with an onion, oil, and water to make it look like a volcano).

Generally, the teppanyaki at Sakura was pretty good but really really really oily. I felt horrible after I ate it. It is an interesting experience and you actually get quite a bit of food for the price. I’d recommend trying it out once, then washing your bowels with some tea.

Sakura Teppanyaki1300 Bath Rd, Kingston, ON, 613-531-8882 (no website)
Sakura Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

~ by Russ on July 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sakura Teppanyaki (Kingston) – Fish is meh, Teppanyaki is good but oily”

  1. I’ve always wanted to go for teppanyaki. Thanks for reminding me. Now to find a decent place in Ottawa…

  2. Simply awful. Took forever to serve the table and even forgot our appetizers.
    Teppanyaki was oily and had odd flavors – not good at all if they are going to put on a gratuitous show. I did not find the ingredients particularly fresh or nicely seasoned at all. The Teppan chef appeared illiterate in English and omitted to include any garlic on the bland scallops. Rice was an inedible mess, vegetables merely edible. Steak was just ok, shrimp tasted very earthy. All this waiting (and food getting cold) for mediocre stir fry? Ridiculous.
    The Osumashi (fish soup) was unrecognizable as such for its downright watery stock and questionable mixed seafood – the white fish pieces appeared well past their prime. What’s the point?
    Even the accompanying salad and the dipping sauces were ‘off’ – they seemed to have an off-the-shelf flavor with artificial citrus tastes.
    On other visits I had ordered Red Snpper Terikaki which is really not bad – all the Teppan did was wreck my night’s sleep. So skip this place for Teppanyaki. I would order the Teri if I have to go here again.
    A friend had sushi here a number of times – says it’s npt good but it’s cheap on all you can eat nights (again – why bother?) Not a pleasureable dining-out experience.

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