Harvest (Picton) – Worth the 1 hour drive

The calibre of food in Picton is really a level above Kingston. I don’t get it. It is a much smaller city and yet there are more interesting restaurants. This is one of them. People seem to love anything that Chef Michael Potter touches. This is his new restaurant, Harvest. We chowhounded it just to be sure and overwhelmingly, Harvest was felt to be a safe choice. The only problem was regarding possible service issues. We held our breath in anticipation. I hate bad service. It can really ruin a good dining experience (ahem… Catch in Calgary).

If you are expecting a very full menu, look elsewhere. They offer 7 appetizers and 7 entrees. There was still something for everyone. I hate menus that are huge with nothing of substance. You often comb through the menu and can’t find anything that is interesting. It all sort of looks like bleh. Chili’s is a great example of this. A multi-page menu. Multi-page sucky.


This is the Charcuterie (which includes head cheese, wild boar with bacon terrine, chicken with shitake mushrooms, rabbit terrine, and one other pate I don’t remember). Very very tasty and a great deal at $14.


This is the other side of the Charcuterie platter which includes a dill with cucumber salad, pickles, mustard, and some crisp baguette chips.


This is Blane’s Naturally Raised Pork Rack (Jade Pearl Nettle risotto, organic carrots, our thai barbeque sauce) for $29. It was a bit luke-warm when it was served so I almost asked for it to be re-fired. But I was hungry so I just ate it. It was perfectly cooked but just too cold for me. The meat was very tender and juicy. The barbeque sauce was lightly sweet and the risotto was firm without being chewy. I really liked this dish.


This is  the Ontario’s Freshwater Symphony (Perch, Walleye and Trout, each with their own accompaniment) for $26. This was the highlight of the evening. I love crispy seared fish. None of the fishes were over cooked (medium) and generally I was very pleased with this entire dish. Sadly, Jules had most of it so I only got to taste it but it was perfectly seasoned and well cooked.

The service was pretty reasonable at Harvest. Our waiter was attentive but I found that he struggled with some of the small talk. I’d almost prefer no small talk compared to awkward small talk. While we were well taken care of, some of the other tables were very slow to get water refills and their bread. I was pleased but I can see why service continues to be a problem at this restaurant.

I really liked Harvest. I’d get the Freshwater Symphony for myself next time. Who knew that such high-calibre food existed so close to Kingston! I just hope that they eventually get their act together with respect to service.

Harvest, 106 Bridge St., Picton, Ontario, (613)-476-6763, www.harvestrestaurant.ca

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~ by Russ on June 22, 2009.

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  1. countylicious is comibg up in November!

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