Currah’s Cafe (Picton) – They take lunch seriously

This last weekend (the first in 3 that I’ve not been on call), J and I decided to go to Picton/Prince Edward County for food. I’ve heard from numerous sources at the hospital and from that there is a surprisingly high density of nice restaurants in the area.

The first place we tried was Currah’s Cafe, right on the main road of Picton. It was a pretty nice place to sit and people watch. The only way it could be improved would be if there was a patio. Several chowhounders recommended this place for lunch so we checked it out.


This is the soup of the day, corn chowder. It was way too salty. Have you ever put too much salt on something and had it go from “too salty” to unpalatable? Well that was what this was. Of course being the passive aggressive person that I am, I failed to tell the waitress that I found it too salty. What were they going to do about it? Comp the meal? Serve me the soup again but add water? I guess I owe it to the restaurant to tell them when they ruin a batch of soup but I just don’t have the patience to work with them through the problem. I’d much rather say: “It was fine” and just never order the soup again.


This is the Pheasant Pot Pie for $13.99. Very very tasty. Described as: “Flintshire Farms pheasant breast, onion and peas in a puff pastry shell with our tarragon cream sauce”. The puff pastry was light and delicate. The cream sauce was very round and not too too heavy. The best part was how you could taste the gamey flavour of the pheasant. With all of the pastry, cream, and filling, it could’ve been easily lost.


This is the Currah’s Club (bacon, chicken breast, ham and swiss) for $11.99. Fresh lightly crispy bread, lots of meat, and smooth cheese. A tasty sandwich. I only wish that the chicken breast was not “treated” as much. It had the smooth slimy texture that suggests it was brined for several hours or artificially tenderized. I like my breast to be a bit stringy versus foamy.

A lot of places really focus on their dinner menu but they go easy on their lunch menu assuming that people are less demanding when it comes to lunch. I was quite pleased with the food at Currah’s. I only wish that the soup was less salty. I certainly think I’ll come back for dinner.

Currah’s Cafe, 252 Main Street, Picton, ON, 613-476-6374,

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~ by Russ on June 14, 2009.

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