Yummy Bar-B-Q (Toronto)

On a night prior to drinking, our Korean-fever’d friend (read that as man who is obsessed with Korea) brought us to one of his favourite local haunts when he was a med student there. Yummy Bar-B-Q on Yonge St. just north of College St. on the west side of Yonge was a place he used to go to on a daily basis. Truly, as soon as we ordered, our server asked him: “Did you used to come here every day?” How embarrassing? Or was that a proud moment?


The Yummy Special consists of barbecued meets (beef short ribs, beef, chicken) friend dumplings, macaroni salad, egg-battered fried zucchini, some beans, rice, and Kimchi. All for $11.99. Amazing. The food wasn’t the best Korean that I have ever had but for the cost, it was wonderful. The meat was well marinated but could’ve been barbecued a bit longer (I prefer more charcoaly-smokey bits). The fried zucchini was a bit soggy and I thought the rice could’ve been warmer. I didn’t care too much though as I ended up eating all the meat and leaving the side dishes alone. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate leaving food on my plate so the fact that I had to is pretty suggestive of how large this special truly is.

img_8603This is the Chap-Chae (I forgot how much it cost but J says it was 13-14 bucks). Quite tasty but… if it truly was $14… a touch expensive for just rice noodles. Well seasoned but unfortunately, this dish was overshadowed by the marvelous Yummy Special.


There was a lot of food and it was dirt cheap and tasted good. What a find! I will absolutely be coming here again soon.

Yummy Bar-B-Q, 522 Yonge Street, Toronto, 416-921-5158

Yummy Bar-B-Q on Urbanspoon

~ by Russ on March 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “Yummy Bar-B-Q (Toronto)”

  1. I like the way you review a restaurant and its cuisine. Good job!

  2. thats not chap chae.. it’s duk bok ki….rice cakes..about 7-8 bucks… really good

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