Ferreira Cafe (Montreal) – A great meal, especially after a whole day of eating

After a long day of eating (French toast, bagels, cupcakes, montreal smoked meat, and coffee), we made a reservation for a late dinner at Ferreira Café at 8:30pm to give our stomach some rest. Even at that late hour, it was hard to bring ourselves to eat again. However, the rave reviews that we read on Chowhound forced us up and out of the hotel.

I really liked the interior of Ferreira. It was modern without losing any of its coziness. I really felt quite comfortable there but I would argue that it was a touch dark. I like places that are intimate but not dim, particularly for food photography purposes.

We started with the Tuna duo (tartare and crispy) for $17. The crispy tuna was nicely breaded and rare on the inside. The tartare was really tart and zingy. I am not always a huge fan of food served two ways as I find that they don’t usually complement one another and usually share only one bond: the meat itself. This is true for this dish as well. This dish was somewhat forgettable. I wish they had the Grilled Octopus that was raved about at Chowhound. But they were out.

For my main, I had Ferreira’s grilled meats which included rack of lamb, chorizo sausage, Cornish hen and pommes frittes for $40. I loved this dish. The meats were nicely spiced, tender, juicy and plentiful. What a feast. The pommes frittes were salty and crispy. I didn’t find this dish too oily either!

For Jules’ main, she had the Seafood rice casserole for $39. It was served in an All-clad pan (similar to the one I have) and was plated in front of us. I can’t get over how much seafood was in this dish. There were 4 large scallops, 6 small shrimps, 3 huge shrimp, lobster tail, lobster claw, and clams, all served on a bed of rice. The seafood was all fresh and delicious. I liked the clams here in particular. They were huge and bursting with flavour like I’ve never had before. It is hard to describe the sauce it came with but all I can say is that it was rich, creamy, and delicious. Again, another winner.

Look at how massive this shrimp is! It is at least as big as the fork!

For our dessert, we had a goat cheese cake with port ice cream. The goat cheese was lovely and delicate and the port ice cream was wonderfully sweet. A great dessert but it didn’t compare to the awesomeness of the main courses.

Overall, I really liked Ferreira especially with respect to the freshness of their ingredients and the generous portion sizes. Bronte was a better meal but Ferreira really had a fantastic dish with the seafood casserole. I will be coming to Montreal soon to sample these fine restaurants again.

Ferreira Café, 1446 Peel St., Montreal, QC, 514-848-0988, www.ferreiracafe.com

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~ by Russ on October 29, 2008.

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