Judy Cuisine (Toronto) – My first taste of Toronto Chinese

My rad-onc buddy and I traveled to Toronto from Kingston over this last weekend. Darwin was kind enough to drive me with his Camry Hybrid so I was inclined to treat him to dinner in Toronto. He brought us to a place in the Times Square Mall, Judy Cuisine for a fish dish that he loves.

This is yut-yue, leung-may (I think that is how it is pronounced). Essentially, it means one fish served two ways. They took what I think is ling cod and deboned it and made a soup from the bones. These are the bones served with some vegetables and tofu. This part was somewhat unremarkable as the flavours from the fish and vegetables were already boiled off. It was nice filler though.

This soup was stellar. Salty, rich, and damn tasty. I had several bowls. I should really learn how to make my own soup.

This is main fish dish: stir-fried with some veggies. This reallllly hit the spot for me. I just love firm fish that is hot and steaming. All 3 of the above dishes totaled $35.99. Not cheap but damn it was tasty. I don’t even know where to get fresh fish in Kingston!

Finally, this is the XO-Chu-Gang-Yuk (Pork Neck with XO Sauce). I’ve never had pork neck so this was a first for me. Very bouncy and tender. I loved the texture. The XO sauce could’ve been spicier. A reasonable value at $11.95.

I really liked Judy Cuisine. I am looking forward to trying other Toronto Chinese places now. It isn’t that Judy Cuisine wasn’t good. It is just that in Toronto, there appear to be thousands of places to try before you have to repeat!

Judy Cuisine, 550 Highway 7 East, Richmond Hill, ON, 905-762-1888

Judy Cuisine on Urbanspoon

~ by Russ on July 14, 2008.

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