Grecos Double Souvlaki (Kingston) – More food than I can handle

Before I went to Kingston, my buddy Dave (who did his undergrad there) recommended a few places to try. On the top of his list was Grecos, a greek resto on Princess St.

On my Friday-Sunday call, I had Saturday off so I decided to treat myself to a meal. Armed with my science fiction book, I walked to Grecos and sat down at a table. I was the only person in the restaurant at 3pm. Yes, I ate lunch at 3pm. Being on-call really screws up your schedule!

The interior was clean and not presumptuous. The server was very pleasant and chatted with me sufficiently so that I wouldn’t feel awkward. I didn’t even get a real chance to read my sci-fi book!

I had the Double Souvlaki for 10.95 and it was divine. The pork was extremely tender, well marinated, and grilled perfectly. Usually, souvlaki is quite tough but these pork cubes were perfect.

The rice was a touch on the oily side but was wonderfully zesty. The salad was fresh and had a basic vinaigrette on it. My only complaint would be that there was a little too much happening on this plate. I would’ve preferred it to be spread out a little.

I will be back to Grecos for the Double Souvlaki. Maybe this time, I will actually finish it. It is sad when you go to a restaurant and find something you love. It makes it difficult to try anything else!

Grecos, 167 Princess Street, Kingston, Ontario,

Grecos Grill & Wine Bar on Urbanspoon

~ by Russ on July 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “Grecos Double Souvlaki (Kingston) – More food than I can handle”

  1. Try the lamb shank. My favourite meal in Kingston.

  2. your blog is awesome , dude! the pork souvlaki is my favorite meal at grecos – to make it even more amazing, id recommend subbing in a greek salad – really completes the meal : )

    • Dude, if you can finish a Greek Salad and a double souvlaki… you are a legend. I can barely muster the strength to finish all the starch let alone the vegetables. The pecking order: Meat > Potato > Rice > Salad.

  3. Another great Greek restaraunt, especially for takeout, is Minos. I particularly love the mousaka. I have a friend who told me that the Mousaka at Minos is better than the Mousaka he had in Greece.

    • Yea, whenever I order big orders for events at the hospital, I use Minos. Really nice people and great service!

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