Caesar’s Steakhouse (Calgary) – I must eat steak before I leave Calgary

On my final week before leaving for Kingston, I was treated to dinner by my parents at the famous (deserved or not) Caesar’s Steakhouse. From what I’ve heard, it is the top steakhouse in Calgary, followed by Hy’s. The new Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse is supposed to top it but I haven’t had an opportunity to check it out yet.

The interior of Caesar’s is interesting. Roman columns, red leather, and dark wood makes it feels like a father’s den. The most hilarious thing is the dude on the grill. He stands by a large circular grill, flips steaks, and is covered on 3 sides by plexiglass (for hygiene purposes presumably). I guess no one has told him how ridiculous he looks. One thing of concern: it is really dark in here. I apologize in advance for these horrible photos but it is so dark in here that you really have to stare hard to read the menu. Is it romantic? I am not so certain.

I shared the Chateaubriand with my sister for $90, done medium-rare. It was presented to us whole then sliced tableside (a bit of a stretch as the server sliced it at another table beyond our view). The center slices were juicy and delicious but the outside slices were fairly dry as you can see in these photos. The vegetables and the potato were pretty tasty but nothing spectacular. They were maybe a touch on the oily side.

My mom had the Rib Eye. I was very disappointed in the sides it came with, especially at $35.95 for 10.5oz. It was also fairly undercooked, with the areas around the fat being quite rare. This normally isn’t a problem for me but my mom can be squeemish. I also thought the meat was somewhat flavourless.

My dad had the New York Strip at $36.96 for 8.5oz. This was a touch overcooked (closer to medium than medium-rare. I was again disappointed in the sides and the presentation. The meat itself was juicy but a bit tough as it was overcooked. I much preferred the Saltlik New York Strip I had.

Though the sides on the actual plate were very limited, there was certainly no shortage of food as each of our meals came with French onion soup, house salad, garlic bread, cheese bread, and a stuffed/baked potato.


We finished up with Lemon sorbet, eaten out of lemon skin cups. Bizarre! It was pretty tasty but the parts of the sorbet that were closer to the rind were a touch on the bitter side.

Caesar’s, while very tasty, was incredibly expensive. This entire meal, with a chateaubriand for two, a rib eye, a New York strip, a lemon sorbet, and 2 cocktails cost us $200 before tax and tip. Yikes. I am a firm believer that steak is one of those things that will always taste better at home. You will get much better value and hopefully (with practice) will make your steaks just the way you like them. I’m glad I went to Caesar’s before I left Calgary but I don’t think I will miss it as much as I miss Alberta beef.

Caesar’s Steak House, 512 – 4 Ave SW, Calgary, (403) 264-1222, no website available.

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~ by Russ on June 26, 2008.

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