Bonterra Trattoria (Calgary) – A Magnificent Platter

Jules and I have been trying to go to Bonterra for the last few months to enjoy their patio. With Calgary’s rainy stretch, it has been hard to find a good time. But last week, we finally had a day of sun. We used it. We ran to Bonterra only to find that 1) It was bloody windy outside and 2) There was loud construction going on in the parking lot adjacent to the patio. This was a less than optimal setup.

Not wanting our trip to go to waste, we had two glasses of Pinot grigio and the Antipasti con Frutti di Mare for $32. I felt like a light lunch but couldn’t resist the temptation of seafood.

It was not a light lunch.


This platter was epic. You are looking at 3 scallops, 3 prawns (sauteed roasted garlic prawns), 3 pieces of smoked octopus, calamari, bocconcini, basil, tomatoes, several varities of olives, smoked meats, prosciutto, pickled eggplant, and I can’t remember the rest.


Here is another view. The scallops were seared beautifully and just barely cooked which is how I love my scallops. The prawns were very bouncy and tasty. The octopus was strange, not quite like squid and just a bit like chicken in its texture. The calamari (marinated in Sicilian five spice) was fantastic too. The olives were plentiful and and the smoked meats really rounded out the platter. The spinach, basil, tomatoes, and bocconcini was a nice palatte refresher.


The only downside to this amazing platter was the oil. Yikes… straight to my heart.

With the strong taste of salted meats and seafood in our mouths, we had to refresh with a dessert. This is the panna cotta infused with vanilla bean I believe. This was very delicious. The cream was so smooth and cool. Jules had to teach me how it was made. I mistakenly thought it was like a crème caramel.

This was a nice lunch albeit quite heavy. I really really really really really liked this platter. If only it wasn’t so oily. I still need to come back to Bonterra on a sunny afternoon and have a glass of wine on the patio.

Bonterra Trattoria,1016 – 8 St. SW, (403)262-8480,

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~ by Russ on June 10, 2008.

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