Frankfurt, Germany

After graduating, I decided to go on a 16 day tour of Germany and Holland (well, only Amsterdam). This is my gastronomic adventure.

After the 9.5 hour flight to Frankfurt, I met a close friend who had been traveling there already and we decided to try Indian food in Europe. Well, we didn’t really feel like Indian but this place jumped out at us: Gaylord India Restaurant.


 The picture says more than my words can. I presume it was a family name.


 Inside, the décor was quite regal indeed! However, it was empty. Not a good sign of things to come. The service was pretty good (maybe a tad slow since we were the only ones in the restaurant).


Even the plates have the monogram!


 We obviously had number 32.


This is Chicken Curry, Gaylord style. Essentially, two drumsticks in a very light curry, no vegetables. The chicken was tender and fell off the bone nicely. The flavours were reasonable. It was very very expensive (12 euros = $19.2CAN).


This is lamb vindaloo. Maybe 10 chunks of marinated lamb. A touch on the oily side but fantastically spicy. Again, this was very expensive at 14 euros = $22.4CAN. This entire meal ended up being our second most expensive over the entire trip. Fairly tasty but nothing I haven’t tasted before at Clay Oven in Calgary. I wouldn’t go back purely because of the prohibitive cost.

Gaylord India Restaurant, Baseler Str. 54, Frankfurt, Germany


Hotel Europa where we stayed had a free breakfast included. How fantastic! This is likely the best hotel/hostel deal we had over our entire trip. $92.8CAN per night with two single beds and a private bathroom (very clean). The breakfast included various salted meats, cheeses, hard-boiled eggs, pastries, bagels, bread, yoghurt, and beverages.


How do you turn all of this into a sandwich?

Like this!

Hotel Europa, Baseler Str. 17, Frankfurt, Germany


After our tour of Germany, I ended up back in Frankfurt to fly home. To celebrate, Ian and I headed to the Ebisu Lounge for some all-you-can-eat-sushi. The last time I had sushi like this was… 2 years ago when Jules and Sharon had an eating competition at Sushi Ichiban in Calgary. For only 9.90 Euro = $11.88CAN this was a steal of a deal even in Canadian terms!

This is the modern interior. We were excited at this point.

But what a sad sad showing it was. Instead of ordering whatever you want in whatever quantity you want, this particular method of all-you-can-eat is very much like a video game. You are served single plates of a pre-determined chef’s selection.

In the first level, you are served 6 California rolls, two ebi nigiri, two tuna nigiri, two salmon nigiri, several mini-rolls of salmon, tuna, and cucumber. In the second level, you are served the same california rolls, the same mini-rolls, but this time, yellow tail, octopus, and surf clam nigiri. In the 3rd level, you are once again served the same California rolls, the same mini-rolls, but this time, a strange pollock nigiri, another ebi nigiri, and another surf clam nigiri. All in all, we probably had 18 California rolls between the two of us, and countless other fillers.

This was the horrible cucumber roll I had. IT IS GIGANTIC. LOOK HOW MUCH RICE THERE IS! The seaweed had good texture, the rice was reasonable, the fish… was not particularly fresh but it was the proportions that really got to me.

All in all, Ebisu Lounge was supremely disappointing. Each time we got served the same damn California rolls and mini-rolls, I prayed that there would be something better in the next level. But there never was. Do not come here for all-you-can-eat.

Ebisu Lounge, Baselerstr. 10, Frankfurt,


To commemorate the ending of our trip and to ensure that Gaylord India Restaurant wouldn’t be our most expensive meal, Ian and myself went crazy at Conrad’s Biersalon and Restaurant. It was close to where we were and had a huge schnitzel menu so we decided to go for it. The outdoor patio was nice so you could people watch as you ate (or have people watch you as you ate). As Frankfurt was extraordinarily hot, it was refreshing to eat a meal in the cool night air.


This is the Bergbauernschnitzel (Mountain farmer’s schnitzel with ham, fresh tomatoes, topped with cheese, oven baked, served with French fries), large size, at 11.60 Euros = $18.56. It was absolutely delicious. Crispy exterior, tender and juicy interior, zesty tomatoes, creamy cheese, and very hot French fries. And the portion size was awesome too! A great end to a trip.

I could for for a schnitzel right now.

Conrad’s Restaurant, no address available through Google Maps.

~ by Russ on June 2, 2008.

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  1. Europe is food. Eat your way through it!

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