Bouchons (Kelowna) – Sadly disappointing

I came to Bouchons last year with Jules and absolutely loved it. The service was attentive, the atmosphere bustling, and the food fresh and delicious. On a road trip I took to Kelowna with my buddies after I wrote the LMCC, I wanted to show them how fantastic the food was.

Pretty plain from the outside but inside, a beautiful French bistro resides.


The Orchard Martini (a creation they have there featuring iced wine, apple liquor, and vodka) is particularly enjoyable, especially after a long day of winery touring.

But now, onto the food. What I really loved about Bouchons one year ago was how fresh the flavourful the food was with seasonal ingredients and flavours of the Okanagan. I was very excited to try it again. We had the Table d’hote for $40 (3 dishes).


Pickled herring on a bed of roasted potatoes. The carrots were undercooked and the fish was overwhelmingly salty. The texture of the fish was bit on the mushy side instead of velvety. A disappointing start.


The main was a scallop mouse stuffed within a sole filet with a mussel, a clam, and a large shrimp. The individual seafood was delicious. The mussel and clam were fresh and flavourful. The shrimp was very fragrant as well. The sole was a big disappointment. Mushy and not fresh. I almost wonder if it was frozen… The vegetables were once again a bit undercooked.


The alternative main was a duck breast. Very asian in flavour with strong soy flavours. The breast was reasonably moist but just on the cusp of being dry. The skin could’ve been crispier. And the vegetables were undercooked again!


Call me an oaf. These fries were the best part of this meal. Crisp, not too oily, and very hot. It is interesting that they include no starches in any of their mains and offer a communal bowl of fries instead. I like it!


This was the biggest disappointment. A chocolate tart. The crust was very stiff and not salty enough. The tart itself lacked any reasonably strong cocoa flavour. The evaporated milk on the bottom didn’t really work for me.


This dessert option was better: Creme caramel. Smooth, very cool, and not too sweet. I enjoyed this dessert more. That being said, it tasted like any other creme caramel I’ve ever had.

Overall, for $40, this 3 piece menu was disappointing because it was flavourless and questionably fresh. I am not sure I’ll be heading back to Bouchons again. I might need to give it some time. I can still taste the pastiness of the sole filet in my mouth. Yuck!

Bouchons Bistro, #105 – 1180 Sunset Drive, Kelowna, 250-763-6595,

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~ by Russ on May 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “Bouchons (Kelowna) – Sadly disappointing”

  1. Next time go rigt next door to Waterfront Restaurant & Wine Bar. It’ll blow the doors off any experience you’ve had at Bouchons.

    • Thanks for the heads up Bob. I chowhounded Bouchon’s prior to going and it had some pretty positive reviews. I will check out Waterfront Restaurant next time I am in town! Thanks for the tip.

  2. This person seems to have an agenda to trash Bouchons. This is a lot of work to write a poor review especially with the “preplanned” well photographed pictures. This is one of the finest restaurants and the owners are exceptional. They certainly would have made your experience right if you asked. But I think you just want to trash this fine restaurant.

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