Celebrating with Swiss Chalet! (Calgary)

Finished the LMCCQE1 today. My gods. 256 questions in 7.5 hours. The last epic exam I’ll write for four years. Woohoo!

And now to celebrate. Swiss Chalet. I know it is trashy to say but I prefer Swiss Chalet ribs to Big T’s, Tony Roma’s and even home-made ribs. Maybe I just haven’t had the right ribs.

As we walked into the local Swiss Chalet, I couldn’t help but notice a certain predisposition amongst the people waiting in line. Many with gray hair. Many with large ear rings. Many with old leather bomber coats with bifocal glasses.

When we were seated, once again, I couldn’t help but notice that about 75% of the tables were occupied by primarily seniors. Interesting. I wonder if there is any sociology to this gathering.

Our server was friendly and gave us plenty of time to decide. Jules and myself argued for about 5-10 minutes regarding which of the combos to get. My friend Dave couldn’t understand it. There were only two options: 1/2 rack with 1/4 chicken or 1/3 rack with 1/4 chicken. Why were we arguing?! Jules didn’t want to over eat but I wanted to make sure I was full. We ended up splitting a full rack ($19.99) and a quarter chicken ($12.99). It was way too much food. I win.


The ribs remain very delicious. Meat that falls of the bone. BBQ sauce that isn’t too hickory or smoky tasting. Not too saucy. And lots of ribs too. 12 bones I counted. Only complaint: very very fatty. The chicken is pretty mediocre. Greasy, flavourless, and overbaked.

The special Swiss Chalet sauce they serve for the chicken deserves a mention. It is strangely sweet and has hints of sage and cinnamon. But it never fulfills on its initial promises. You end up using more than you want to use because you want to finish the taste it begins. It just doesn’t happen. A bizarrely unsatisfying sauce.

The sides were mediocre, especially the coleslaw, italian salad and bun. However, the fries are a sentimental favourite of mine as they remind me of the times my dad used to bring Swiss Chalet home after work. Crispy at the ends, soft and greasy in the middle.

I still love this place. I don’t care what people say. I’ll eat here by myself if I have to. Then I won’t have to share any ribs.

Price: $12-20/entree.

Swiss Chalet, numerous locations, www.swisschalet.ca

Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill (Crowfoot) on Urbanspoon

~ by Russ on May 9, 2008.

One Response to “Celebrating with Swiss Chalet! (Calgary)”

  1. Just checking out your blog as I was wanting to show a coworker the page about Big T’s as I was recommending it to him. I love Swiss Chalet too. I get made fun of, but I don’t care. I even used to be a server there and I can still eat the food, no problem! So many seniors because the prices are so good, and many caucasian seniors ( in my opinion ) like classic food, and are too afraid to venture out and try Asian foods and what not.

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