Wood Fire Bakery (Kelowna) – Delicious sandwiches!

On a road trip to Kelowna, I passed by this little bakery and decided to give it a try. We were welcomed into the store by a mannequin baker that kids probably love but I kind of felt uncomfortable with. There was some unique European paraphenelia, including a horn, some pictures of the Alps, and some beer mugs etc. The design of the exterior allowed for a sheltered patio so people could sit outside with their meals (as we did).

The food was served in a cafeteria style manner. Immediately, this was a bit of a turn off. However, the actual food inside the heated trays looked fantastic. It looked fresh, juicy, and quite appetizing.

It was the service that stood out. As we approached the food server, we mentioned that we had never been there before as we were from out of town. He immediately guided us through the process, how to order the dishes, what his recommendations were, what he liked. The best part was when he asked me: “Are you hungry sir?” “Yea….” “Well I’ll just give you some extra meat here.” I don’t care if he gave me more meat. It was the gesture.

The food was delicious. I had the chef’s recommendation: chicken with mustard cream sauce on one bagel and Montreal smoked meat on the other side of the bagel. You put the two halves together and eat it as a beautiful mixture. It was quite tasty and not a bad deal at $7.85. I also sampled a bratwurst placed on a bagel with garlic spread and a big wallop of sauerkraut. The sauerkraut was not as flavourful as I expected but it was still quite delicious.


Chicken with mustard cream sauce on one bagel and Montreal smoked meat on the other side of the bagel!


Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich.


Bratwurst, mustard, and sauerkraut.



Updated (May 2008 )

I came back to Wood Fire Bakery after a 2 year hiatus. I was excited to try it all again especially given the glowing review I gave it above.


Here is the strange figure that greets you. Charming? I am not sure…

The service remains excellent. Very helpful and knowledgeable. I love the atmosphere too. Eating outside on a hot Kelowna day can’t be beat. But I am not as sure about the food anymore.


Here is some pork knuckle, sauerkraut, and a bun. As you can see, the portions remain huge. It was more sauerkraut than I could handle. It wasn’t particularly fragrant either. It was a great filler but I’ve had better kraut. The pork knuckle was pretty salty and fairly fatty. Overall, a somewhat unremarkable dish. My buddies had the bratwurst that they had from last year. The flavour of the wurst was somewhat lacking and once again, the kraut could’ve been more flavourful.

I’ll give Wood Fire Bakery another try when I am out in Kelowna again. The service and atmosphere are both fantastic. But as it stands, I am not as enthusiastic about my recommendation as I was previously.


Addendum September 2010 –

Went with J’s brother, J, and his GF (guardian force) to Kelowna for a dragon boat competition. I insisted that while J’s bro was rowing we had to go to Wood Fire Bakery. Armed with only the memory that it was on the east side of Highway 97 and it was attached to a big church, we found it with ease!

The food smelled soooooo good. Those pork knuckles were so juicy looking.

This is half Chicken and half Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich. I can’t believe this is only $9. The bread was soft and soaked up the sauce nicely. The mustard on the Montreal Smoked Meat really mixed well with the creamy saltiness of the chicken. This was impossible to eat as a true sandwich so we had to use our knives and forks.

This was the Quiche. A nice warm crust that was crispy/crumbly. The cheese was nicely caramelized and the egg nice and moist. The portion size was big too! It was a good quiche but compared to the sandwiches, it really paled in comparison.

This was the Chicken Cordon Bleu Sub for $9. It was incredibly large. The bread was soft but crispy. The ham was crispy from being baked but it wasn’t dry. The swiss was so velvety and smooth, especially after being melted. And most of all: there were three tender chicken breasts on this sandwich. It was simply amazing. I will keep coming to Wood Fire Bakery every time I am in Kelowna because of sandwiches like these!

Warning: this always happens to me… but I love sandwiches and the sort for Sunday brunch. This place is NOT open on Sunday!

Price: ~$10 per item.

Wood Fire Bakery, 2041 Harvey Ave, Kelowna, BC, 250-762-2626, no website available.



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~ by Russ on April 23, 2008.

15 Responses to “Wood Fire Bakery (Kelowna) – Delicious sandwiches!”

  1. I CANNOT believe that abomination that they dare to call “Montreal Smoked Meat”. OMG, seriously, what is that?!?

  2. I recently returned to Wood Fire Bakery and found myself a bit disappointed in their selection and flavours. The staff is still extremely friendly but I just find my taste buds wanting more from their food. I will discuss further in an upcoming article.

  3. I love their Cordon Bleu and Caesar combo. Leave me so full, yet wanting more. The girl on till was extremely friendly and made me feel at home. I would definately go back.

  4. I just had lunch at the Woodfire Bakery in Kelowna. It was a great lunch (cordon blue chicken) with a bowl of hardy, healthy beef soup. Coffee was exceptional.
    Dr. Dyck

  5. I love the Woodfire bakery, It truley is my favourite place in Kelowna for lunch. I have enjoyed their great service and awsome food for over ten years. One of the good things this review does not mention is the vast variety of pasterys they have for you to enjoy, these go perfectly with the fresh Rosehill coffey they serve. While they may not have a dinner selection their breakfast menue is second to none. Keep it up Woodfire!!

    • The important thing to know about the Woodfire Bakery is that it is closed on Sunday. I’ve gone 2-3x hungry and craving a nice sandwich only to find that it is closed!

  6. We eat at the Woodfire bakery almost weekly. The top picks for us is the Chicken Deli Sandwich (fyi – it is not deli meat). There is a huge, whole chicken breast with lettuce, tomato and 2-3 slices of cheese. Best of all it is all sandwiched between their amazing Kaisers and their garlicy, something-or-other mayo that I am dying to try and figure out how to make. All this $5 no tax! The best deal in town!

    If I am really hungry I try to finish the Chicken Cordon Bleu sub. I am a BIG eater and it is all I can do to finish it off. Sometime I try and restrain myself and only eat 2/3 of it and save the rest. But, it is usually gone before I can get it home to my fridge.

    I somewhat disagree with the mediocre review of the Wood Fire Bakery. This is my top pick for lunch in Kelowna and as far as how much you can trust my opinion: Check out the line every single lunch hour. It is the longest and most efficient line-up in Kelowna. Only thing I don’t like is being asked everytime “Are you hungry today, Sir?” (which is said with such intonation that seems disingenuine. Partially cause the guy says it to every second person in line (not sure if man or woman but I am guessing he varies according to gender).

    • He’s been saying that for years and yes it is very ingenuine! The mix is mustard, mayo and cilantro I believe, with a lot of mushed garlic…done!

      • Insincere or not, I love at least the illusion of good customer service. Whether or not he adjusts the meat portion based upon my answer is not the point. It is that he cared to ask.

    • Thanks for the comment. I don’t really think I gave Wood Fire Bakery a mediocre review… In fact… since I’ve been there 3 times (each and every time I go to Kelowna), I’d say my review is rather favourable! It is hit and miss at times (since I am not a regular) but I agree that their value and their quality is quite good.

  7. I’m friends with a member of the family that runs Woodfire and to clarify the Sundays thing, they are a very Christian family and they go to church every Sunday so that’s why it’s closed on Sundays.

    • Thanks for the info Mitch. I respect their religious views but I hate that it gets in the way of my hungry stomach. I had to go to IHOP as an alternative. Yech.

  8. I live in Kelowna, and I stumbled upon your blog. I think someone, me, should clarify. It is not “Montreal Smoked Meat” it is just Smoked Beef on a bun on the menu. I’ve had Montreal smoked and I’ve had Woodfire’s, there’s a difference. Woodfire has a sauce.
    We always eat too much when we go. The favourites for our family are smoked beef on a bun, and the ham and cheese torpedo sub.

  9. i wandered in there yesterday because i like independent family run bakeries and i wanted a sweet with my bucky for the road. i like to compare cinammon buns from different bakeries so we bought one and a huge oreo style cookie. both were very good – not too sweet, very good texture, and relatively fresh for 1pm. i looked at the meal menu but it looked like it was tailored to fatties so ill wait until after the gym before attempting their large, meaty meals, but as far as sweets go, ill be back!

  10. Can someone post the hours of operation? Thx :).

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