Aida’s Mediterranean Bistro (Calgary) – So I’m moving to Kingston…

I’m heading to Kingston for residency! To celebrate, I took Jules out for lunch. We felt like something light, something fresh, and a bright dining room. Mercato on 4th St. fit the bill but it was packed. Just a bit north on 4th St. is Aida’s Mediterranean Bistro that Jules frequents.

It was packed but we managed to find a cozy table for two by the window. It was cramped. And it was loud. Certainly not oozing atmosphere. We ordered two dishes because we were in a hurry. 45 minutes later, the food arrived. The server kept stopping by to apologize for the wait but my tummy was very unforgiving.


I had the lamb chops. They were overcooked (well done) and consequently, a bit tough to get through. They were quite juicy, however. The fried potatoes were pretty yummy but could use some more of the tzatziki sauce. The mixed vegetables were pretty darn greasy. The cucumbers tasted pretty good but the beans were horribly over cooked and soggy. Though the textures weren’t great (overcooked lamb, soggy beans, greasy vegies), the flavours were pretty reasonable.


Jules had the couscous. Potatos were once again lacking in tzatziki but pretty tasty. The pork was pretty greasy overall. The dish was a bit disappointing.

Entire meal cost us $35 with tip (2 entree’s, no dessert, no drinks).

I am not 100% sure I’d come back to Aida’s again. Chowhounders seem to love the place so I am not ready to write it off yet. I’ll try it again in a few months.

I am pretty pumped about moving to Kingston and trying out an entirely new city of food!

Aida’s Mediterranean Bistro, 2208 4th St SW, 403 541 1189, no website.

11a-9p Mon; 11a-11p Tue-Thu; 11a-11p Fri-Sat; 11a-9p Sun

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~ by Russ on April 23, 2008.

7 Responses to “Aida’s Mediterranean Bistro (Calgary) – So I’m moving to Kingston…”

  1. Hi Russ,
    I am a bit surprised at your Aida’s experience. We go weekly and love it every time. That LAMB couscous dish is my personal favourite, and does not have pork. Another note: The sauce on the potatoes is not a tzatziki (as that is Greek), it is Tahini. I hope your are finding delicious food in Kingston!

    • Thanks for the comment John. My mistake with the tzatziki comment. I’ll have to give Aida’s another try next time I am in Calgary. Unfortunately, I never felt that the lunch time wait was justified but I’ve only been the handful of times.

      • Sounds like you got yourself a good plan there, Russ. Afterall, the constant lunch time wait must be there for a reason…

      • I’m going to have to disagree with you John. If a line-up suggests quality, then Tim Horton’s is probably the best cup-of-joe in town. I’ll check Aida’s again when I am in Calgary over the summer.

  2. I would not be so short on Aida’s. The food is terrific, and very reasonably priced. Sounds like you will fit in on the East coast! Have fun, and lighten up would ya 😉

  3. Lot of new restaurants here in Kingston. Looking forward to your reviews!

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